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Ferris Bueller (1990 series)

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Ferris Bueller (1990 series)
Ferris Bueller Titlescreen.png
This show ain't worth the day off.
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: August 23, 1990 - August 11, 1991
Network(s): NBC
Created by: John Masius
Distributed by: Paramount Television
Starring: Charlie Schlatter
Brandon Douglas
Ami Dolenz
Jennifer Aniston
Richard Riehle
Cristine Rose
Sam Freed
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13

Ferris Bueller is an American sitcom based on the 1986 John Hughes film Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The show stars Charlie Schlatter in the title role. The series debuted on August 23, 1990, on NBC and was canceled within its first season, a few months after its debut. The show was produced by Maysh, Ltd. Productions in association with Paramount Television. Hughes himself was not involved in the show's production.


This half-hour situation comedy follows the high school adventures of Ferris Bueller and his friends.

Why It Gets Another Year of School with Supervision by Ed Rooney

  1. It was made just to capitalize on the success of Ferris Bueller's Day Off yet ignores the events of the original movie and does not have any of the original cast from the movie, which is why this show is useless to make.
    • The show also feels like a poor knock-off of Saved By the Bell, which aired on the same network, NBC.
  2. The show is set in Santa Monica instead of Chicago, which robs some of John Hughes' magic.
  3. The characters don't really look like the original cast from the movie, especially Charlie Schlatter as Ferris Bueller, who comes across as an asshole with no charisma whatsoever.
  4. For some strange reason, Ed Rooney is now a bumbling fool in this sitcom, which is strange since the movie version actually took his job seriously, and despite maintaining his mustache, he's now bald all of a sudden.
  5. In the first episode, they used a cardboard cutout of Matthew Broderick portrayed as Ferris Bueller and cut it with a chainsaw, which is pretty insulting to the actor and source material.
  6. Bad timing: This show was released in 1990 while the movie was released 4 years earlier.
  7. Jeannie, as portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, is way more unlikable in the series than she was in the movie.
    • Jeannie's interactions with Ferris sometimes reek of incest, which gets awkward when you realize Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Schlatter started a relationship during filming of the series.
    • She also has long straight and dark hair in the show, while the original character had curly and brown hair in the actual movie.
  8. The theme song is overused with sound effects.
  9. Atrocious editing for the intro.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some funny moments.
  2. Some Ferris Bueller fans might enjoy it.


Compared to the film, the show received mostly negative reviews from critics. It also suffered from comparisons to not only the '80s film, but also another series, Parker Lewis Can't Lose; at the time that series initially proved to be more successful when it came to ratings, lasting for three seasons. Ratings for Ferris were strong at first, but declined in later episodes. The series was cancelled due to poor viewership and low ratings after one season airing a total of thirteen episodes.




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