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Father Knows Least (Dexter's Laboratory)

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Father Knows Least (Dexter's Laboratory)
Father Knows Least.jpg
His flanderization certainly knows least, indeed.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 6c
Air Date: May 23, 2003
(produced in 2002)
Writer: Carlos Ramos
Director: Don Judge
Chris Savino
Previous episode: Chess Mom
Next episode: Dexter the Barbarian

"Father Knows Least" is the third part of the sixth episode in the fourth season of Dexter's Laboratory.


Dexter's father is left to watch the kids while his wife visits her sister.

Why It Knows the Least

  1. Dad is still very clueless here, as he doesn't even bother to make breakfast for Dexter and Dee Dee and gives them money, instead, puts dishes that were already clean into the dishwasher along with the soap, puts Dee Dee's dress, and Dexter's lab coat together smashes the prized possessions when dusting, is even rude to the mailman and failed to make dinner.
  2. Dexter and Dee Dee never seem to help Dad out with the chores at all.
  3. Plot Hole: If Dad was having trouble with the chores, why couldn't he just ring Mom instead of presuming?
  4. Speaking of which, it's nothing but a 7-minute filler episode where Dad babysits Dexter and Dee Dee while Mom is visiting a friend of hers, and nothing else.
  5. Bad Ending: Although Dad felt remorse for making a huge mess when Mom came home, we find out that he hired a cleaner just to clean the house - proving how clueless he has become.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The animation and voice acting are still decent.


  • The episode title is a reference to the saying "Father knows Best".


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