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Farfour is Caught Speaking English (Tomorrow's Pioneers)

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Farfour is Caught Speaking English (Tomorrow's Pioneers)
إنها الحلقة الأولى ، ومسلسل فرفور عنصري بالفعل. (It's the first episode, and Farfour's already being racist.)
Series: Tomorrow's Pioneers
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: April 13, 2007
Director: Fathi Hamad
Next episode: "Farfour Vs. Bush, Olmert, & Condoleeza"

Farfour Is Caught Speaking English (Arabic: تم القبض على فرفور وهو يتحدث الإنجليزية) is the first episode from the first season of the infamous Palestinian-Hamas "children's program" Tomorrow's Pioneers.

لماذا اشتعلت تتحدث الإنجليزية (Why It Was Caught Speaking English)

Important Note: This episode is extremely controversial, for reasoning explaining below. No positive pointers/section permitted for this page.

  1. The most infamous thing in the episode is that Farfour got punished- not because he was rooting for the Israelis, but because he spoke English.
    • Saraa and Hazim said it was terrorist talk, even though some Palestinian people can speak English.
  2. The episode itself could be very xenophobic to Americans, British, Jews, Mexicans and other people who speak English.
    • One major example is Farfour‘s attitude.
  3. Very generic and weak plot.
  4. The scene where Farfour was tortured was very disturbing and violent. Sure, he does deserve a comeuppance for being a filthy terrorist, but he didn't really do anything wrong here.
  5. The episode is pretty much a recruitment Hamas episode.
  6. Like the show itself, it's propaganda at its purest.
  7. Even Walt Disney's last surviving child, Diane Disney Miller, hated the episode much like the entire show.
  8. This episode started already horrible show on very low note.
  9. Overall, this episode is incredibly insulting to people who speak English calling them enemies of the world.


  • The episode would later spawn memes of it.


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