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Fantastic Four (1994, Season 1)

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Fantastic Four (1994, Season 1)
Fantastic Four (1994 TV series) title screen.jpg
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Genre: Superhero
Country: United States
Release Date: September 24, 1994 – February 24, 1996
Network(s): Syndication
Created by: Stan Lee
Jack Kirby
Distributed by: Genesis Entertainment
New World Entertainment
Starring: Beau Weaver
Lori Alan
Quinton Flynn
Chuck McCann
Stan Lee
Brian Austin Green
Simon Templeman
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Fantastic Four is a 1994 cartoon series based on the Marvel characters of the same name. This page will only be focusing on the poorly received first season of the show.

Why This Season Is Not Fantastic

  1. Terrible animation that is very cheap mostly thanks to Kennedy Cartoons who are known for cheaply produced shows. One example includes Thing looking like a Tiny Toons character throughout the first season.
  2. Cheesy and campy dialogue that is laughably bad.
  3. Mediocre voice acting which again sounds cheesy.
  4. The writing is very bad. While it does tries to adapt the classic storylines, it does a poor job at doing so due to how awful it is.
  5. The show tries to add humor in the form of an old lady but she is fairly pointless.
  6. Terrible songs, such as Human Torches Rap and It's Clobbering Time.
  7. It had some episode order issues near the end of the season.
  8. The Thing has some incredibly bad dialogue that doesn't fit his character whatsoever.
  9. Quite large amount of plot holes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Catchy theme song despite the cheesy lyrics.
  2. The show gets immensely better during the second season.


  1. The show was paired with the Iron Man 90s show in a package known as the Marvel Action Hour.
  2. In one issue of the comic series, Scott Lang is seen mocking the cartoon while watching it. Apparently, Tom Defalco, then current F4 writer, got in huge trouble for this and coincidently this is his last issue as an editor in chief for Marvel.
  3. The show was given a production facelift during the second season with improved storylines and animation, which is why it's much better than the first season.


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