Fairy Con (The Fairly OddParents)

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Fairy Con
We're definitely skipping out on this Con.
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Part of Season: 10
Episode Number: 163a
Air Date: November 3, 2016 (Germany)
June 28, 2017 (United States)
Writer: Ellen Byron
Bob Colleary
Ray DeLaurentis
Previous episode: Nuts and Dangerous
Next episode: The Hungry Games

"Fairy Con" is the nineteenth episode in the tenth season of The Fairly OddParents.


Mr. Crocker makes clones of Cosmo and Wanda in order to access a fairy convention and swipe the fairies' magic. During the process, they steal Chloe's tickets, leading her to figure out a way inside.

Why This Con Sucks

  1. Like most episodes in Seasons 9 and 10, this episode lazily reused a plot from an earlier episode: that of "Cosmo Con" from Season 3, for the sake of shoehorning in Chloe, as well as Crocker.
  2. At the beginning of the episode similar to "Desperate Without Housewives" from the previous season, Crocker himself literally shows up out of nowhere in the Turner residence, only this time around, hiding in the freezer as he listens in on the conversation between Timmy, Chloe, and their fairies.
    • Crocker also showed up in the Turner residence before in "Cosmo Con", but there, he actually gets permission from Timmy's parents to be invited to their household and first greets them at their door.
  3. Some scenes looked lazily animated:
    • Some characters look at the viewer when they're not talking to them, like the scene where Cosmo and Wanda first pop up and start taking to Chloe or some of the background characters in Fairy Con.
    • When Juandissimo shows off his muscles by flexing them hard enough to tear off his shirt, the animation of him doing so plays three times.
    • The animation of the wands getting sucked into and falling out the vents looks like they were still images being dragged around without much rotation.
    • When Cosmo gives the golden tickets to the ticket man, he and the rest of the group pass between the poles, but after they pass the front pole, they disappear because the animators forgot to draw them in the background in the pole's right.
  4. The characters are still dumbed down:
    • When Mr. Turner shows up at the kitchen room, Cosmo and Wanda don't bother poofing away like they're supposed to. (Of course, since this is Season 10 that we're talking about here, the show at this point no longer has any logic or consistency concerning Da Rules)
    • Likewise, Mr. Turner doesn't even bother questioning Cosmo and Wanda's existence, but simply just brushes them off as "weird kids with wings". Plus, he is only used for a scene where he attempts to fix the refrigerator...by welding it shut, smashing it with a baseball bat, and tying it to his car as he rides around with it.
    • While Crocker is at Fairy World, he repeatedly screams "Fairies!" whenever he's nearby them, which contradicts earlier episodes where he would remain calm in the same scenario.
    • When Jorgen notices Crocker attempting to swipe the fairies' magic, he just sits there and does nothing until Chloe shows up. He's also strangely cool with Chloe forcing him to continue Fairy Con for as long as she wants just because she saved the day, which only extends Chloe's Mary Sue status a lot more.
    • Like with Remy Buxaplenty in "Country Clubbed", Juandissimo doesn't do anything here and was likely only added in for nostalgia purposes. The same can be said for Mother Nature and the Tooth Fairy.
    • Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda themselves serve nothing to the episode due to all the spotlight being given to Chloe like usual in this season.
  5. Chloe's "Never Quit" song is corny and annoying. It also feels like something the show would regularly make fun of.
  6. The plot twist where everyone gave Cosmo their wands for protection prior to his panel is lazy and nonsensical, and only serves as an excuse to force in another attempt at conflict.
  7. Predictable ending where Chloe saves the day and (as said above) yells at Jorgen so he extends Fairy Con.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Despite his flaws, Mr. Crocker is somewhat in-character.



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