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Fairies (Bluey)

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Fairies (Bluey)
We all wished that the fairies could break the curse of this episode being an unjustified torture one.
Series: Bluey
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 30
Air Date: April 4, 2019
Writer: Paul Kassab
Joe Brumm
Previous episode: The Creek
Next episode: Work

Fairies is the 30th episode of the first season of Bluey.


Bluey's house has fairies! Tails are being braided, stickers are everywhere, and Mum's got a peg beard. Now the family must band together to hunt for these invisible mischief-makers.

Bad Qualities

  1. The biggest problem with the episode is that it is a massive torture episode to Bandit, even though he literally did nothing wrong. He was in the middle of an important call, and Bingo shouldn't've tugged at his tail. Bandit wasn't even upset or even annoyed by Bingo, he just wanted her to stop, but he spends the episode getting tortured and it's the cause of the fairies vandalizing the house.
    • It also tries way too hard to make the viewer side against Bandit, but considering how he didn't do anything wrong here, it makes the viewer want to side against Bingo, Bluey and Chilli instead.
  2. Bingo is pretty annoying in the episode, as when Bandit is on the call, she acts depressed even though he was going to make it up to her, while it may be true that Bingo has gotten upset over silly things in past episodes, in this one, her reason for getting upset is completely unjustified and ridiculous.
  3. Chilli is very unlikable here, because she blames Bandit for the infestation even though he did nothing wrong.
  4. It's never implied if there are real fairies or it's just pretend, making the episode very confusing.
  5. The last act is arguably the worst offender, as it spends a majority of Bingo supposedly getting frozen by the "fairies", and then Bandit has to go outside and humiliate himself in front of his neighbours in order to break the "curse".
  6. Illogical ending: A real fairy is shown on screen, despite the show being slice-of-life and fairies being mythical creatures.

Good Qualities

  1. The scene where Bandit farts in the closet and blames it on the fairies is funny, despite it being a usage of toilet humour.
  2. The episode's concept isn't too bad, but considering the genre and somewhat weaker writing, it didn't work too well.
  3. Bandit does come across as likable and sympathetic in the episode, and you can feel pity for him when he has to humiliate himself in order to "apologise" to Bingo.


Fairies was generally not that well-received amongst fans, and is often considered one of the worst episodes along with Charades and Sticky Gecko.



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