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Faireez .png
Behold, The show that killed off Funbag Animation Studios Inc. Ain't that magical?
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 12 minutes
Country: Australia
Release Date: 2005-2006
Network(s): YTV
Created by: Don Arioli
Gillian Carr
Distributed by: Funbag Animation Studios Inc.
Starring: Tori Hammond
Rick Jones
Helene Joy
Terrence Scammell
John Stocker
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 26 (52 segments)

Faireez is an Australian-Canadian animated television series created in 2005. It was broadcast on France 5 in Debout les Zouzous from 2007, then rebroadcast on TiJi from 2008.

Why It's Not Magical

  1. To start off, it has very stiff and cheap Flash animation, even for a Flash-animated show that aired in 2005. Even Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island and The Eggs (which have cheap animation) look better than this. The fact that one of the creators, Gillian Carr, directed The Eggs (produced by the same company Funbag) doesn't help matters.
  2. Horrible character designs. The fairy heads look bigger than their bodies, and the fairies who live in Faireezia look awful and the child fairies are just copied and pasted from four fairies but they're recolored and changed hairstyle, it's kinda lazy actually.
  3. The designs for the characters look pretty ugly.
  4. Some episodes have feet jokes like "Who stinks of the paws of the pirate" and "The return of the pirate".
  5. The powers on fairies is horrifying, especially Tucker and Tim's powers. Tucker's shapeshifting into a creature power design is creepy while Tim's stretching power can soil your pants (like in a scene where Tim stretches his neck in an episode "Save Jumpalina")

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is good.
  2. Some characters can be likable at the times.
  3. The backgrounds is decent.
  4. The theme song is pretty charming to hear (it depends on your perspective)


  • Gillian Carr has also directed shows such as The Eggs, SheZow, Flea-bitten, and Kuu Kuu Harajuku.
  • Don Arioli (the creator of the show) died on October 4, 2005. He was also the creator of The Eggs.