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Extra Zigda

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"La vaisselle ? Ho c'est un vieux truc Finlandais je t'explique" MAIS TA GUEULE! Ho mais c'est insupportable !

("The dishes? Ho it's an old Finnish thing I'll explain" SHUT UP! Oh but it's unbearable!)

-Joueur du Grenier

Extra Zigda is a French television series in 15 26-minute episodes, created by Jean-François Porry and broadcast from January 5 to 29, 1998 on M6.
Extra Zigda
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What happens if you merge Mary Poppins and Invader Zim but give it to the French network that brought us a lot of shit?
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 26 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: January 5, 1998
January 29,1998
Network(s): M6
Created by: Jean-François Porry
Distributed by: AB Productions
Starring: Virginie Théron
Jean-Philippe Bèche
Émeline Drouin
Morgan Vasner
Clémence La Fleurière
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 15


This series depicts the misadventures of Zigda, a very special au pair who came from Finland to take care of the children of the Gauthier family who have lost their mother (Magalie).

In reality, Zigda came from the planet Gzantia next to Alpha Centauri. She is 522 years old and came to Earth to study humans. As soon as she touches her earring (star-shaped with a red stone in the center), she does magic. She feels neither hot nor cold. Only Bob and his children are aware of Zigda's powers.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's a massive rip-off with no Mary Poppins charm but instead it's an alien.
  2. Horrible acting (especially Zigda's) that makes the actors look like they were found on the street.
  3. Zigda's design is gruesome and doesn't look like an alien in any way but more like an American high school cheerleader.
    • And the worst part is that she's way too sexualized since she's in a short skirt.
  4. Horrible and boring theme song that makes Les Sisters credits a run for its money.
  5. A lazy, stupid plot about an alien who becomes a nanny for a single-parent family.
  6. Laughable and stupid names like the planet Gzantia that if you're French will make you think of the car.
  7. The show didn't even last a month which is ridiculous.
  8. Special effects that will annoy you because they are filler scenes like the scene where Zigda moves the furniture in his room where we see the furniture disappearing then reappearing on a boring theme song.
  9. Boxes of random laughter that come out in often not funny moments.
  10. Plot Hole: How is it possible that an alien becomes the nanny of a family?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The fact that the family lost their mother is a bit melancholy.
  2. In fact the show is so bad it's hilarious because it's an example of a "So Bad it's Good" show.
  3. At least the show only lasted 15 episodes unlike Hélène et les Garcons, Le Miel et les Abeilles or Les Mystères de L'Amour.


Extra Zigda has been derided by critics and the public she holds a 2.3/10 on Senscritique.

Joueur Du Grenier reviewed it on his Off Topic on AB Productions Sitcoms and when he saw its video considered it the worst of the AB sitcoms



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