Everybody is Side-Fu Fighting (Sidekick)

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Another episode that the creator hates...

Everybody is Side-Fu Fighting is the A-part of the 15th episode (29th if counting the segments) of the first season of of SidekickBTSW and it is considered to be by fans as one of the worst episodes in the entire series alongside Teacher's Pet.


Pamplemoose hires a new assistant to traumatize Eric and make him look like a fool in the academy's Side-Fu tournament.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is overall an 11-minute Eric torture episode.
  2. On that topic, it's also the One Coarse Meal of Sidekick because Pamplemoose uses his assistant (Sensei Jimmy) to scare Eric throughout the entire episode.
    • Speaking of Sensei Jimmy himself, he is completely unlikable, has a horrific design and talks in an ear-piercing voice.
  3. There is also some easily noticeable animation errors in this episode, such as a character's mouth not synching properly with the words in some scenes.
  4. Eric himself has been flanderized real badly in this episode who changed from the only well-written sane student to a spoiled whiny coward.
  5. The mean-spirited nature of this episode is literally taken up to eleven: Pamplemoose and Vana both continue to bully Eric, and unlike other episodes (where they usually get punished for their actions), they barely get punished.
    • Even the creator of the show admitted that he bothered to never comprehend a question about bullying people.
  6. The pacing is very slow, unlike other episodes in the show, where the pacing is good in most of the episodes.
  7. There is an unsatisfying moment at the end of the episode where the bad guys literally win after Eric and his friends lose the Side-Fu tournament.
  8. The infamous opening of the episode where it contains a fart joke, which is a very lame attempt at humor.
  9. Some of the characters are drawn very out-of-place in some shots compared to other episodes, like Eric for example. Take a look at this picture if you want to understand it.
  10. The whole concept of "Side-Fu" is just plain dumb: Instead of fighting your opponent, you instead beat yourself up. That doesn't even make sense.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Eric thankfully redeemed himself in the next episode, Comic Book Zombies.




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I actually didn't like that episode.

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