Every Knight Has Its Day (Mixels)

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Seriously, being at school is totally not cool for a show like Mixels. It also caused the downfall of the franchise altogether.

Every Knight Has Its Day is the third episode in the second season of Mixels, and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It is also the fourth half-hour special. It first aired on March 5, 2016.


Mixels Wave 7, however, is set in Mixopolis. Here live two different types of Mixels: Tribal Mixels and Infrastructural Mixels. Tribes are those who have populated the Mixels from series 1 to 6. Each one of them is tied to a particular element that defines their attitudes and abilities. They are considered the civilian inhabitants of Mixopolis. Infrastructural Mixels are positioned in the city as true contemporaries, inhabitants aware of modernity and users of new technologies.

Why It Sucks

  1. Let's get the elephant out of the room: The entire premise of this episode tries to be like every other Middle School comedy cartoon, similar to Wayside and My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It's about a new kid who goes to a school and gets mistreated by almost everyone. Not to mention, there's a gym scene.
  2. The first half of the special was mean-spirited to Camillot.
  3. Mixadel himself is an unlikable jerk, who is snobbish, irresponsible and a huge troublemaker. He even could qualify as a Karma Houdini for getting away from causing the Mixeloptors to escape, even though he later redeemed himself.
  4. It introduced the useless concept of incidentals that never got released by LEGO. This became even more glaring the next episode.
  5. Weird plot: Why would a normal school day have a field trip to the zoo in it without parental consultation?
  6. Jamzy did not render well in cartoon form. And while Trumpsy's cartoon form is fine, He looks weird when in front view.
  7. The gag involving Paladum was annoying.
  8. By looking at the animated intro, You may think that the main characters would be The MCPD, Medivals and the Mixies. But the Medivals are the only main characters here, Jamzy and Trumpsy are the only Mixies to appear in this special (that's right, Tapsy does not appear here. And Trumpy has no lines), While the MCPD only appear for a few minutes. Seriously, their roles are SO low that Busto only has one word of dialogue ("YES")
  9. Tons of animation errors: Even one changed the plot, where at one point the Cubit-ball Booger was holding on to turned from red to blue between shots. Why didn't he murp?
  10. Two plot holes: First, how was Mixadel able to get into the zoo control room? More importantly, why are the zookeepers so ignorant? Second, If Jamzy and Trumpy are kids, How did the Mixies Band get formed?
  11. The Nixels don't appear in this episode.
  12. The MCPD Max is the only max to appear in this special, But then again it only appears for two seconds. Also isn't it weird how Camillot, Mixadel and Paladum don't Max?
  13. While Camillot saving his Teacher and the Classmates from the Mixeloptors was nothing short of awesome, He does not save the MCPD or help them out. In fact, After the MCPD get thrown in the cage, They are never seen again. (But Kuffs did come back in "Nixel Nixel Go Away")
  14. Finally, to rub salt to the wound, this special received little to no advertising at all. There wasn't even a commercial promoting it. Except for this Southeast Asia-exclusive promo.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The new cast introduced Cree Summer, Eric Bauza and Richard Steven Horvitz, who are talented voice actors from other Cartoon Network shows such as Codename: Kids Next Door, Uncle Grandpa, and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  2. The ending wasn't too bad.
  3. The BG Mixels are creatively designed and look pretty fitting in the Mixels Universe.
  4. The animation is still decent, even for a lot of errors here and there.
  5. It introduced the Teacher, who is the first female Mixel.


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