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Episode 803 - 13 Chefs Compete (Hell's Kitchen)

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Episode 803 - 13 Chefs Compete
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The peak of Raj's insanity.
Series: Hell's Kitchen
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: Overall: 95
Season: 3
Air Date: September 29, 2010
Director: Sharon Trojan Hollinger
Previous episode: Episode 802 - 14 Chefs Compete
Next episode: Episode 804 - 12 Chefs Compete

Episode 803 - 13 Chefs Compete is the third episode of Season 8 and the 93rd episode overall of Hell's Kitchen.


A breakfast service challenge takes place, dinner service is mixed at best, and Raj's antics finally push Gordon to his breaking point, putting the other Blue Team contestants in trouble.

Why It Deserves a Snake

"It's raw! IT'S FUCKING RAW!" - Gordon Ramsay to Raj after noticing that the salmon is raw.
  1. To get the elephant out of the room, Raj is at his absolute worst in this episode. Despite being a private chef who worked for 35 years at the Culinary Institute of America, he's a talkative jerkass who never shuts up, repeatedly screws his team over, and displays some of the most mindboggling behavior by any chef in Hell's Kitchen.
  2. Raj is truly unlikable in this episode, as he keeps talking over the Blue Team, horribly cooks food (especially salmon and three Dover soles), and tells Trev to "shut up" when the latter tries to convince him that he needs to put more effort in.
    • Not only that, but he is also stupid as he boasts that he has cooked thousands of salmons, only for Gordon to catch Raj's lie and call him out on it.
  3. Some mean-spirited moments, like Raj mocking Vinny for his malicious decision to tell the diners not to order sides, him telling Trev to "shut up" after convincing him about his efforts in cooking, and Gordon smashing Raj's raw salmon to pieces (though the last one is rather justified, since raw fish could make someone seriously ill).
  4. Raj's antics in this episode are so insane, one has to wonder how he even managed to get past the first episode:
    • He doesn't put any seasoning on the eggs after cooking them.
    • He presents a raw piece of salmon to Gordon, causing him to angrily smash it to bits with his hand.
    • He eats food that came back from the dining room, much to Boris and Gordon's shock and disbelief.
    • He puts his head in the freezer to "cool off", which is not only bizarre, but also dangerous (since he could've gotten hypothermia from doing that).
    • He cooks three Dover soles during dinner service, despite them not being on the current ticket. It gets worse when the next ticket has three Dover soles on it... and Raj reveals the Dover soles he just cooked were the last ones.
    • He refuses to go out and apologize to the diners for ruining the Dover sole when Gordon orders him to... because his jacket's dirty.
  5. The scene where Raj is eating food in the kitchen only serves as a filler.
  6. Raj being shown half-naked during the scene with the paramedics is disgusting, especially when we see his armpits.
  7. The recap of this episode has a poor editing. It features an explosion at the bottom right corner, implying that it is the censored version.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Everyone in this episode except Raj is likable to varying degrees.
  2. Good ending: The Blue Team manages to win the dinner service despite Raj's antics, and Gordon finally sends Raj packing after realizing just how much of a liability he is to his team.
    • Sous Chef Scott yelling at Raj to take his dirty jacket off and apologize to the diners for ruining the Dover sole is so satisfying after all the trouble Raj caused throughout the episode.
    • Before that, Raj got his comeuppance when he was forced to clean glasses due to the Blue Team losing the breakfast service challenge.
  3. Some funny moments, such as Gordon's smashing Raj's raw piece of salmon to bits (despite being mean-spirited), Russell forcing Raj to clean the glasses as the latter starts whining about "harassment", and the Red Team's "Gandhi's flip-flop" of a Dover sole.
  4. The reward scene with the ladies, where they are doing a trapeze act, is decent.
  5. Some memorable quotes, such as Gordon's "It's raw! IT'S FUCKING RAW!", "MOVE YOUR FAT, FUCKING ARSE!", "COOK YOUR FUCKING DISH, AND SHUT YOUR FAT MOUTH!", and "It looks like Gandhi's flip-flop!", and Sous Chef Scott's "PUT IT DOWN, AND GET OUT THERE!".


Note: Mind the clips that are given in episode 3.


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