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Ep 12 (Waiting In The Summer)

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If you all though the finales of Teen Titans and Camp Lazlo were bad, get a load of this abomination of a finale from a heartwarming show like Waiting In The Summer.

Ep 12 is an episode from Waiting In The Summer, it is the twelfth and (so far) final episode of the series.


When Emika is planning to return Ichika back to her planet, Kaito must figure out a way to keep Ichika.

Why This Episode Sucks

  1. This entire episode is very mean-sprited and very unpleasant in an otherwise heart warming anime show like Waiting In The Summer, due to its overall plot.
  2. Much like "Things Change" of Teen Titans and "Lumpus' Last Stand" of Camp Lazlo, this episode is a huge cliffhanger episode, except it's even worse.
  3. This episode is a very cruel Kaito and Ichika torture episode.
  4. Lots of bland and uninspiring filler, such as the bus scene.
  5. The scene where Ichika gets sent back while Kaito begs for her to stay is a very sad and painful scene to watch, it also doesn't help that their screaming in sadness.
  6. Unexplained plot-holes:
    1. WHY does Emika want Ichika to return to her home, even tho she clearly knows that Ichika's in love with Kaito and wants to stay and live with Kaito?
    2. Why doesn't Kaito just call his friends and ask them to help him find ways to keep Ichika?
  7. Emika is VERY unlikable, she forces Ichika to come back home, and she gets no consequences for her actions.
  8. Rushed and Sad Ending: Ichika get sent back to her planet as Kaito watches in sadness, Nanami comes back and both Kaito and Nanami watch the movies that Kaito and his gang made.
    1. Give "Things Change" and "Lumpus' Last Stand" credit, while their endings are also bad and out-of-nowhere at least they don't have such sad endings as THIS.
  9. This episode is overall a very poor way to end Waiting In The Summer, and despite its huge cliffhanger ending, as well as its OVA's setting up for another show, there is still no conforms of there being a second season, or even a sequel series like Please Twins! of Please Teacher!.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Kaito and Ichika are likeable characters.


This episode received largely negative reviews by fans and critics alike, with many criticizing Emika's actions and the episode feeling too cliffhanger-like to be the finale of the series, many have deem it as the worst episode in the show, as well as one of the worst series finales of all time.


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