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Encore Cartoons

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Encore Cartoons
They even make Kennedy Cartoons' animation look astounding by comparison.
Industry: Animation
Founded: 1983
Headquarters: Nevada, United States
Key people: Bill Hutten
Tony Love

Encore Enterprises (credited as Encore Cartoons) was an animation studio that only worked on three episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures ("Strange Tales of Weird Science", "Hero Hamton" and "Looniversity Daze"). Their animators wound up uncredited on these episodes. They were better known for the Chucklewood Critters series of specials. According to Tom Ruegger, it was located in Nevada and the studio was allegedly run by Bill Hutten and Tony Love.

Why They Sucked

A example of their "animation" in Tiny Toons, showing Calamity Coyote off-model.
  1. Their animation to Tiny Toon Adventures was downright terrible, with most of them looking like they were animated during the late 1970s/early 1980s than the 1990s. "Strange Tales of Weird Science" is the perfect example of this.
    • It was also very deranged, an example would be the slow-mo sequence of Furrball getting rehabilitated during the "Pit Bullied" segment in the aforementioned "Strange Tales of Weird Science".
  2. They repeatedly submitted their horrible animation for their only three episodes from Tiny Toons. They also suffered from limited animation, when only a character's mouth moves.
    • Neither of the directors at Warner Bros. for the segments supervised the animation process, unlike the directors at Spumco who helped supervise the animation at Rough Draft Korea for Ren and Stimpy.
  3. They animated some characters off-model, like the page's image that shows Calamity Coyote was drawn off-model by them in "Looniversity Daze".
    • Some of their off-model scenes were creepy/unsettling, such as the scene in "Scentimental Pig" where Plucky tries to stuff Hamton into a toaster. "Eating Between the Lines" also had a scene where Sweetie Bird looked more like a vulture.
  4. They also did some animation errors, with infamously a duck looking like Plucky was painted purple in the classroom when in reality the real Plucky was waiting for Buster outside the classroom also in "Looniversity Daze".
    • One unfortunate case in the same episode caused inadvertent whitewashing; the normally black Mary Melody was colored as a white blonde.
  5. Their animation in Tiny Toons was so bad, it was reanimated by other studios like Kennedy Cartoons (another bad animation studio who worked on Tiny Toons, that were fired by Warner Bros. themselves, due to the studio's terrible animation in the cartoon).
  6. Bad ink-and-paint provided by the equally bad Fil-Cartoons.
  7. Two of their shorts ("Pit Bullied" and "The Toxic Revenger"; both are from "Strange Tales of Weird Science") were so bad that a few crew members were credited under pseudonyms.
    • Notably, one of the episode’s credits gags was “Number of Retakes - Don’t Ask”.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. "Looniversity Daze" had a few of its worst scenes reanimated by Jon McClenahan (the founder of StarToons, which was far better-received). Sadly, the original scenes from Encore (save for one scene with Bugs Bunny teaching wisecracks in the first wraparound and another where Hamton asks Buster to beg for the principal's mercy) were the ones that made their way onto the DVDs.
  2. They did some good animation in some shots such as Hamton accidentally opening his locker on Montana Max and proceeding to clean him up in "Hero Hamton", the dog food test in "Scentimental Pig" and Bookworm running away from Sweetie in "Eating Between the Lines".
  3. Some good animators, such as Ed Love and Irv Spence (both holdovers from Hanna-Barbera, respectively).
  4. Their work on Chucklewood Critters was more fitting for the Hanna-Barbera style used in the TV specials than in their work on Tiny Toons.


The crew behind the series was not pleased with Encore's subpar animation.

Tom Minton has this to say about them: "The first several TTA eps were animated by various overseas shops, and one domestic, very local one whose work was so embarrassing it was buried deep for as long as possible. The very first short I wrote for Warners, "The Toxic Revenger", fell victim to that abysmal situation. At one point, Steven visited and wondered where that cartoon was. Ruegger told him "We didn't want to bum you out." It was heavy in major retakes and the thing was not improving."


  • Nobody knows whether they were associated with Encore Enterprises or not; their similar names may be a coincidence.
  • It is also unknown who their animators were.
  • All three of their episodes were produced very early into Season 1, but similarly to The Simpsons episode "Some Enchanted Evening", they were pushed towards the back of the season.


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