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Encontro com Fátima Bernardes

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Encontro com Fátima Bernardes
Este programa não é apenas considerado o pior programa da história da TV Globo, como também é um dos principais motivos da morte da TV Globinho em 2015, embora não tenha sido o programa que matou e cancelou permanentemente a TV Globinho. (This program is not only considered the worst program in the history of TV Globo, as it is also one of the main reasons of TV Globinho's demise in 2015, although it was not the program that permanently killed and cancelled TV Globinho.)
Genre: Talk show
Running Time: 90 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: June 25, 2012 -
July 1, 2022
Network(s): TV Globo
Created by: Guel Arraes
Cláudio Manoel
Geneton Moraes Neto
Fátima Bernardes
Distributed by: TV Globo
Starring: Fátima Bernardes

Encontro com Fátima Bernardes was a Brazilian morning talk show hosted by Fátima Bernardes, a Brazilian journalist and former anchor of the evening news program Jornal Nacional. It first aired on June 25, 2012 until July 1, 2022 from Monday to Friday on TV Globo.

Porque Não É Um Encontro Com A Fátima (Why It's Not A Meeting with Fátima)

  1. The program is a poor replacement for TV Globinho from Monday to Friday mornings on Globo, especially TV Globinho was not having a good audience at the time it was aired from Monday to Friday mornings in the network. According to her, she saw TV Globinho as a plug-hole between the morning adult programming on Globo, which is laughable, since the program was on the network's programming since the early 2000s and viewers and Globo themselves had no problem with that. Worse, she said the children's audience of TV Globinho, didn't ring the bell to watch the program when it starts in her interview in Roda Viva in this year, which is false, also since they did ring the bell to watch the program when it starts to air in the mornings, showing she does not respect the children's competence in relation to when they watched TV Globinho.
  2. Fátima Bernardes is a very and extremely bland and terrible host, and even more that her hosting on the program is very bad and forced, what makes the program looks worse than it was. It's not surprising she was previously the anchor of Globo's well-known news program, Jornal Nacional for 13 years along with William Bonner (her then husband at the time when she was the anchor of Jornal Nacional), when she was best as an anchor in Jornal Nacional than her as a host of her own program.
  3. The program is a biggest shame for the people who watch the program, especially when Fátima herself danced in front of Anitta.
  4. The program talks about several bad subjects, such as where they talked about cleaning butts. No joke.
  5. Fátima herself even tries to interrupt some of the guests, as she tried once with Janaína Paschoal in 2013, which ended up not working. She even interrupted actress Denise Fraga, from the soap opera Um Lugar ao Sol, because of her criticizing Big Brother Brasil 22, showing her incompetence as a host of her own program.
  6. The break idents used since 2013 are very short and are not great, unlike the 2012-2013 intro that lasted more seconds than these break idents.
  7. The program was only created at Fátima's insistence with Globo's management, not to mention that Globo's management doesn't even like the program.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The first intro from 2012-2013 was good, and at least had lasted longer than the other break idents which are short that replaced the first intro since 2013.
  2. Some not bad subjects that are talked about in the program are tolerable.
  3. The replacement hosts when Fátima is not available or is on vacation, like Patrícia Poeta does a better hosting than her.


The program was heavily panned by the viewers of TV Globo and mainly by the viewers of TV Globinho and is considered the worst program in the history of the network.


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