El Chavo Animado

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El Chavo Animado
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Se me chispoteó.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Mexico
Release Date: October 21, 2006 - June 6, 2014
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Canal 5
Created by: Roberto Gómez Fernández
Distributed by: Televisa
Starring: Jesús Guzmán
Sebastián Llapur
Mario Castañeda
Erica Edwards
Moisés Suárez Aldana
Erika Mireles
Maggie Vera
Leonardo García
Julieta Rivera
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 134
Previous show: El Chavo del Ocho

El Chavo Animado (El Chavo: The Animated Series in English) is a Mexican animated series based on the live action TV series El Chavo del Ocho, created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños for Canal 5 and Cartoon Network's Latin American feed.

After several years of successful reruns of the original series, on October 21, 2006 Televisa launched in Mexico and the rest of Latin America an animated version of the program by Ánima Estudios to capitalize on the original series' popularity.

El Chavo Animado also aired in English via Kabillion's on-demand service in North America.

Bad Qualities

  1. The animation is bland and cheap looking. The character movements are incredibly stilted, sometimes the characters' mouths don't move, and the backgrounds are in low-quality CGI just like The Last Kids on Earth.
    • The 2D art-style also may confuse some people thinking that the series is hand-drawn (mainly due to the character designs and their thin outlines), when in reality, it's actually flash-animated.
  2. It was only made to make money after the live-action show ended, and nothing more.
  3. La Chilindrina, one of the main and most popular characters from the original live-action show has been completely removed due to a royalty conflict between Maria Antonieta de las Nieves and Chespirito, so her roles had to be replaced by Ñoño.
  4. Some of the voices are annoying, such as Chavo's and Quico's in the original Spanish version and Ñoño's in the English dub.
  5. Most of the earlier episodes are just remakes of some live-action episodes. Some of them are halfway adaptations, for example, for the episode of The Churros the third part was absolutely ignored, and in the episode of Quico's Rat there's a reference to the previous part which was not adapted.
  6. Characters like Doña Florinda, Quico, Ñoño, and others have their traits flanderized. Especially the show's own butt-monkey Don Ramón.
    • El Chavo became much more dumb and stupid, to the point of being more annoying than funny.
    • Quico became a much more mean, selfish and rude boy who treats his friends worse than he used to treat in the original series and sometimes is not punished.
    • Doña Clotilde became much more obsessive for Don Ramón, looking like a relationship similar to Pucca x Garu.
    • To cover La Chilindrina's absence from the series, Ñoño went from being a clever and good-hearted boy that is a butt-monkey of jokes about his weight, to being a jerk and naughty boy who causes problems for fun.
    • Also due to the absence of La Chilindrina, Don Ramón changed from a angry father who struggles to get a job to support his daughter to become a man who lives alone and acts much more lazy with less motivation to want to get a job.
    • Doña Florinda has become a much more aggressive and mean woman than in the original, to the point of never showing her gentle side with Don Ramón as she used to do in a few episodes of the original series.
    • Jaimito has become a annoying character who often makes unnecessary quotes about his hometown Tangamandapio much more than he used to do in the live-action series, to the point that the characters always ask him to stop talking. This being a terrible attempt of the producers to make a running gag with the character and make his more unique.
  7. Godínez has a much more insignificant role in this series than in the original live-action series, including being purposefully avoided in seasons 3-7 as a filler character in a way that it ends if it ends up becoming a forced running gag, for example:
    • In the episode Two Musketeers and El Chavo Godínez leaves Ñoño and Quico at the moment when they will start to fight running out of the village and not returning.
    1. In Space Voyage Godínez appears only once in the middle of the line, being in a very distant position from the rest of of the characters and not interacting with them.
  8. Many of the original running gags in the series, such as the slapstick humor in which the characters punching, slapping and kicking each other have been diminished until completely removed in recent seasons.
  9. With the reduction of slapstick comedy the series started to choose to insert more and more into a generic nonsense cartoon comedy with an exaggerated use of cartoon violence that does not match the humor style of Chespirito's creations.
  10. Some of the new episodes that are not remakes of episodes of the live-action series have bad scripts that often contain bad morals, for example: the episode of the Season 3 El Chavo y el Lobo teaches that wolves are evil creatures that devour and kill children, the episode also ends on a cliffhanger without showing the wolf's fate after it got stuck on the clothesline.
  11. The character designs of some of the new characters are very unoriginal, for example: the episode of the Season 4 Aventura Submarina features a trio of mermaids whose leader looks like a Ariel rip-off from Disney's The Little Mermaid, the king of these mermaids also looks like a King Triton rip-off.
  12. The English dub is overly localized. References to Mexican culture of any kind are poorly erased out, Tangamandapio was renamed to Upsidedowntown, characters' names were changed, etc. Also, the English dub only lasted for two seasons.
    • Most of the English dub names are awful, Ñoño for examplo had his name changed to Junior, which doesn't make sense because in the original he and his father have different names.
    • Also, in this dub, the opening theme has lyrics and they're pretty cheesy sounding, however it later switched back to the original theme.
  13. From season 2 onwards there was a unnecessary introduction of many new characters such as Rubia Margot, Hercules, the baby Panfilo, El Justiciero Enmascarado and a unnamed scientist. Characters who ended up not even pleasing the biggest Chespirito fans.
  14. Chavo's hair color is brown, despite being black in the original series.
    • The same applies to Paty, who has red hair instead of black and for some reason wears a straw hat.
  15. Chavo's voice on Brazilian Portuguese dub is a bit annoying.

Good Qualities

  1. Likewise, the character designs are pretty good looking.
  2. Some good episodes, especially those of the first and second season since they are based on episodes of the original series.
  3. The animation got better and smoother in later episodes, although it is still very simple.
  4. Sometimes the generic cartoon comedy, although it still doesn't match El Chavo del Ocho's style of humor, manages to be as funny as the slapstick comedy from the original series.
  5. Aside from a few voices, the Spanish original and English and Portuguese dubs have quite good voice acting.
  6. The Spanish voices of Don Ramon, Doña Clotilde and La Popis are similar to their original actors.
  7. Some clever English names, such as Miss Pinster/The Witch in 71 (Doña Clotilde) being a pun on 'spinster'.
  8. Paty has a more important and significant role in this series than in the original series (probably to reinforce the role of female characters in the series since La Chilindrina was removed). Popis has also become a much more likable character than her original version of the live-action series.
  9. The original Spanish version is faithful to the live-action series.
    • The Brazilian Portuguese dub also respects the adaptations of the original series.




7 months ago
Score 2
I remember to watching this show on youtube. And also, i watched it on Cartoon Network back on 2014 (i don´t know).


4 months ago
Score 1
I like this show.


one month ago
Score 1
despite being a cash grab, this show is an underrated gem to me, similar to Bobby's world, and gumby.


one month ago
Score 0
I think el chavo animado is goof in the first two seasons


one month ago
Score 1
This is one of my favorite Mexican shows I like to watch on Canal 5.

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