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This is what happens if fan service goes too far
Genre: Sex comedy
Running Time: 30 minutes
Country: Japan
Release Date: June 25, 2003-2004
Created by: J.C.Staff
Distributed by: Seiji Matsuyama
Starring: Akino Watanabe
Masumi Asano
Marina Ohno
Mai Kadowaki
Chiemi Ishimatsu
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 2

Eiken, also known as Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete (translation: Eiken: With Love From the Eiken Club) in Japanese or Eiken Club in Russian, is a 2003-2004 fanservice-themed anime series by J.C.Staff/GENCO. It was licensed by Animeworks in the Western World and is based of the manga of the same name written and illustrated by the late Seiji Matsuyama.

Ever since its release, it was panned by both critics and audiences alike. It is also considered one of the worst anime of all time.


After recently joining Zashono Academy, high school student Densuke Mifune accidentally gropes school idol Chiharu Shinonome. As a result, he was forced to join the Eiken club, which participates in school activities that are extremely sexual.

Why You Shouldn't Join This Club

  1. The anime actually sexualizes underage girls by giving them very exaggerated adult features - especially freakishly oversized breasts. In fact, some of their breasts are so huge, that it makes you wonder how those girls aren't suffering any back pain from them or how they can even walk around without any complications (apart from Komoe, who's clumsiness is caused by her enormous breasts,, but the same doesn't apply to any of the other girls).
    • Komoe Harumachi And Kirika Misono are the most sexualized of all the girls and they have the largest breasts in the anime despite with fact that Komoe's just 11 years old and the youngest in the club, alongside Kuma.
    • This is kinda understandable, since this is from Japan, and the age of consent in Japan is 13. Almost all of the Eiken Club, the exception is Komoe, is over the age of 13. Who, as previously mentioned, also has the largest breasts of the entire club in spite of being both the youngest member of the club and underage.
    • Japan also only outlawed pedophilia in the 1980s, so it stands to reason that there'd be a lot of carry-over for a few generations. Given the age of consent is 13, clearly that doesn't change much.
  2. As you can probably see by reading the plot synopsis above, the story doesn't make much sense at all.
  3. The chemistry between Densuke and Chiharu is nonsensical because the anime never really provides a reason for why they like each other. Plus, Densuke accidentally/unintentionally gropes Chiharu almost every single time she is on screen. Therefore, why would she want to be with him?
  4. Abysmal and poor animation that looks like is trying to make a bad attempt to imitate the Inuyasha animation-style. Which is most evident when it comes to the very bad breast physics, recycled character moviments and awful lip syncing (for instance, in the second episode, there's a certain scene where Shima's mouth didn't even move while he was talking to Chiharu).
  5. Bad world building. Almost nothing is ever revealed about the school that this anime takes place in nor are any of the characters given any real personality depths or backstories.
  6. The Zashono Academy game contest in the anime is very risqué as it only exists for the fanservice of the female characters, with the Yogurt Slide being the most infamous.
  7. Both the English and the original Japanese dub are appallingly bad and laughable, with extremely annoying voices and inexcusable grammatical errors in the script for example, near the beginning of the first episode, Kirika says, "Me want that stupid guy!", and during the soma noodle accident, Teacher apologized to Densuke saying "Sorry Densuke, I’m so very clumsy!".
  8. Horrendous attempts at humor, such as Densuke getting hurt everytime and Shima's hair revealed to be a toupee in the second/final episode.
  9. The characters are just a bunch of ecchi stereotypes that get no development whatsoever. For example, Teacher (that’s what she’s called, really, we don’t know what her real name is) is just your typical very clumsy girl who doesn’t know where she puts her things.
    • Komoe Harumachi is also very clumsy, though this is because of her large breasts.
    • Chiharu Shinonome is the shy main love interest.
    • Kirika Misono and Yuriko Shinonome are the sexually aggressive ones, despite the latter being 13 years old and a middle school student. Did we forget to mention that Kirika doesn't wear underwear at all?
    • Densuke Mifune is the untalented male lead who the Eiken Club falls in love with. Not only that, but he's also considered a punching bag as he keeps getting hurt nonstop.
    • Speaking of this, Kirika and Yuriko look more like college students in their early 20's rather than actual 13-years olds
  10. The anime just covers the plot of the manga's third volume and nothing else.
  11. Similar to ecchi anime like Green Green and Absolute Duo, the anime relies way too much on fanservice. Unlike other good fanservice anime such as Heaven's Lost Property and Elfen Lied, which focuses more on the story than fanservice.
  12. The background music is noticeably just a few tracks that are constantly reused, causing it to awkwardly stick out.
  13. The logic in the anime makes no sense.
    • As previously discussed (in WIS #1), how are these girls not in pain from their overly-sized chests?
      • Contrary to popular opinion, large breasts don't actually result in back issues. Most women, regardless of chest size, simply have poor posture and suffer back aches as a result of overall bad etiquette. Many large breasted women are on record as saying they have no back issues whatsoever.
    • How the heck did Teacher get undressed quickly when she was falling from the banana peel?
    • How are Densuke, Komoe, and Teacher not scalded by the very hot water to refill the Flying Soma machine?
    • How is Kuma/Teddy (the youngest girl in the club) able to control the bear suit even though it’s much larger than her?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There is one good element about the animation is the color palate, which is bright and nice to look at.
  2. The character designs are pretty good, minus the girls' chests.
  3. The opening theme ("Feel Like Our Days") is a decent song and it can be considered catchy. Also, the ending theme ("Jewel's Memory") is pretty tolerable.
  4. One or two jokes might actually funny; such as the scene in episode one where Densuke tried to catch Komoe when she was falling.
  5. Kyōko Morooka and Kuma/Teddy are the only likable characters. Despite their younger appearances, at least their chests are smaller than the rest of the Eiken club, making them the least sexualized of the girls. And despite her oversexualized design, Kirika is sometimes a pretty funny character.
    • Depending on your view, Densuke, despite being untalented, is sometimes a tolerable character and he can also be pretty sympathetic too.
  6. The ending is okay; everyone was sadly eliminated, but the Eiken Club still won, as Densuke and Chiharu spend time together at a hot springs (which was the Zashono Academy game contest's prize) including the titular club.


Eiken was universally panned by critics and audiences alike for it's sexualization of underage girls. Other complaints were directed towards the anime's characters, voice acting, lack of world building, animation, and nonsensical logic. MyAnimeList gave the series a 4.34 and a 3.6/10 on IMDb.

Jason Thompson gave the manga a zero-star rating in his review of the series in his Manga: The Complete Guide, calling it "Actual pornography disguised as romantic comedy pseudo-pornography".

Stig Hogset gave the anime a one-star review on THEM Anime reviews, calling it "one of the most exploitative, demeaning anime titles I have ever seen". He went on say that "Eiken is like an hour-long nightmare of sexual innuendo of the creepy kind... you'll never find a bigger collection of 'wrong' anywhere else."

In's reviews, Chris Beveridge gave the anime an "F", and Eduardo M. Chavez gave the first manga volume a "D+"