Egg Skull (Titeuf)

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Egg Skull (Titeuf)
Egg skull.png
This episode is lucky to be just a dream! Though...
Series: Titeuf
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 93
Writer: Christophe-Olivier Nabario
Director: Christian Choquet
Previous episode: The Fluffy Invasion
Next episode: The Deflate

Egg Skull (French: Crane d'oeuf) is episode 93 of season 3 of Titeuf.


This morning, when he woke up, Titeuf had no more locks. And the weirdest thing about the story is that no one remembers he had one. Even po Manu! Titeuf is desperate.

Why It Has No Locks

  1. It's another episode of torture of 7 minutes against Titeuf.
  2. The episode smacks of the "it was all a dream" stereotype for miles around as it's quite evident when you see Titeuf without his wick.
  3. Nobody in this episode is friendly because they all make fun of Titeuf calling him an "egg skull" because he is bald.
  4. Manu is at his worst in this episode because literally in the middle of class he asks the teacher to change places while calling Titeuf "Egg Skull" instead of his name.
    • Worse still, despite the mistress reprimanding him, Manu refuses to call him Titeuf and even treats him like a stranger by not even saying his first name.
  5. In fact even Titeuf is petty in this episode because he yells at his parents when they tell him he never had a wick and reacts like an idiot throughout the episode.
  6. Many animation errors such as the fact that Francois at home is in his pajamas but for a short time he was in his civilian clothes.
  7. Mediocre Ending: Titeuf finally wakes up from his dream which makes the episode totally useless because it's the cliche of "it was all a dream".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Overall, despite his flaws, Titeuf remains a likeable character.
  2. Francois is the most tolerable of them all because he will help Titeuf try to get his wick back.



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