Edir Macedo

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Edir Macedo
Controversial Bishop and TV Owner.jpg
Yet another controversial Brazilian TV owner who doesn't learn from his crimes and mistakes.
Nationality: Brazilian
Gender: Male
Born: February 18, 1945
Occupation: Businessman

Edir Macedo Bezerra (February 18, 1945) is an evangelical bishop, televangelist, writer, and Brazilian businessman. He is the founder and current spiritual leader of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) and owner of RecordTV, the country's third-largest television station. He is also known for his controversies involving his church, the Universal Church, and also for the bad decisions he made as owner of RecordTV.

Why He Sucks

  1. He was once arrested in 1992, after a Sunday cult at the old Universal cathedral in the Santo Amaro neighborhood in São Paulo, on charges of charlatanism, embezzlement, and medicine. But however, he was released from prison nonetheless.
  2. He uses RecordTV to accuse others who have accused the Universal Church of bad things without evidence or outdated evidence (mainly with the various attacks that they made to Rede Globo), showing that he does not accept true accusations against his church.
  3. Not only is he's in favor of abortion but also is in favor of decriminalizing abortion.
  4. He and several bishops of the Universal Church considered Ana Paula Valadão, leader and vocalist of the gospel band Diante do Trono demonized, due according to them, was because of the doctrine about falling into the Holy Spirit and the "anointing of the lion", was Ana Paula for "power" began to crawl imitating a lion on stage. It is believed that the bishop's statements were motivated by the only reason that Diante do Trono was part of the Som Livre label, which belongs to Rede Globo.
  5. In Jornal Nacional of Rede Globo in 1995, in their report about how Macedo teaches his pastors to convince the faithful of the UCKG to give offerings and tithes, amid games with the money raised and phrases like "give or go", referring to believers who did not tithe. Among the bishops would be Carlos Rodrigues, better known as Bishop Rodrigues. Formerly, Edir Macedo, he gets a biblical basis for the saying "either give or go".
  6. Like Silvio Santos, supports the controversial president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, despite the controversies before and after being elected president of Brazil, being homophobic, sexist, supporter of the Brazilian military dictatorship and infamous torturer Carlos Ustra, spreading false and unproven news about COVID-19, as well as being involved in the cracking scheme.
  7. Greenlit awful shows like A Casa or ruined good shows like Domingo Show (in the short-lived Sabrina Sato era) and Record Kids as a repetitive rerun farm of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris with no new cartoons and series.
  8. According to Xuxa, he doesn't like the female employees of RecordTV using crucifixes and necklines, due to the conservative line of the channel that he owns.
  9. He and his church are in stark contrast to the Catholic Church, having disagreements in doctrines and declared that "The Catholic Church is a disgrace to the Third World" and that the Pope is "exclusively a politician".
  10. Also he and his church have intolerance and prejudice against Afro-Brazilian religions mainly with candomblé and Umbanda, which caused the Brazilian justice to withdraw all the copies of the book "Orixás, Caboclos and Guides: Gods or Demons?" in 2005, according to them, for its prejudiced content. In 2008, the church suffered accusations from the STJ due to a lawsuit by the heirs of Bahia's ialorixá Gildásia dos Santos for religious intolerance. The lawsuit was due to a publication by the newspaper Folha Universal entitled "Macumbeiros charlatões damage the pocket and the lives of customers".

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He bought RecordTV from the network's financial crisis in 1989 and improved the network, having one of the best programmings on Brazilian TV, unlike the current network's programming is now in the current days.



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