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Dummy and Dummier (Back at the Barnyard)

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Dummy and Dummier (Back at the Barnyard)
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Poor Freddy...
Series: Back at the Barnyard
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 44
Air Date: September 26, 2008
Previous episode: Otis for Mayor
Next episode: Some Like It Snotty

Dummy and Dummier is an episode of Back at the Barnyard. It is the second half of the twenty-second episode of the show and the forty-fourth episode overall.


When Freddy falls into a deep depression due to not having talent, his friends make a ventriloquist dummy of him.

Why It's Dummy and Dummier

  1. It's an eleven-minute long Freddy torture episode.
  2. It's the Back at the Barnyard version of Everyone Knows It's Bendy.
  3. Freddy is blamed for things Mr. Jinx did, such as saying insulting things about his friends, and trapping them in concrete!
  4. This causes Freddy to almost get banished from the barnyard.
  5. Otis, Pig, Abby, Pip, and even Peck (Freddy's best friend) are very unlikable and act very out-of-character in this episode, as they turn on Freddy. Freddy may be an idiot, but he’s not a jerk!
  6. Poor plot twist: It turns out the termites were controlling Mr. Jinx as revenge since the tree that they used for him was their home.
  7. Freddy dislocating his bones and Mr. Jinx are very disturbing.
  8. Aside from getting electrocuted by Mr. Jinx, nobody gets comeuppance for their behavior.
  9. Like the animation of the entire show, it does not age well

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some funny scenes like when the termite's home is destroyed and the ending.
  2. Freddy's innocence is proven and his friends apologize.
  3. Freddy is the most likable character in the episode.


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