Drunken Lid (Doraemon 1979)

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Drunken Lid (Doraemon 1979)
The "One Beer" of the Doraemon franchise.
Series: Doraemon
Episode Number: 752
Air Date: February 24 1984
Previous episode: The Moses Stick

Drunkin Lid [ホンワカキャップ] is an episode from the 1979 version of Doraemon and is the 752nd episode in the series, it is based of Chapter 579 from the 1969 manga of the same name.

The episode was later banned in Japan due to the concept of Doraemon & Friends getting drunk and the depiction of underaged drinking.


Seriously Suneo, stop being such a dick to Gian.

Gian visits Suneo to angrily complain about their current stamp collecting hobby, namely, despite them started collecting stamps together around the same time, Suneo quickly outpaces him thanks to his larger amount of pocket money. Sensing Gian's anger wrapping around his neck, Suneo is forced to give part of his collection to Gian. Suneo later meets up with Nobita to complain about this event, but he becomes even more frustrated when Nobita laughs on his misery and kicks him in anger.

Returning home, Nobita finds Nobisuke and his friend getting drunk on beer in the living room and having good time. Feeling that it's not fair that only adults can away from misery through drunkenness through alcohol, Nobita goes complain with Doraemon about today's situation. Intrigued, Doraemon brings out "Drunken Lid" which is capable of allowing the user to experience drunkenness through any non-alcoholic drink.

Why It Was Downright Drunk

  1. Let's get the actual cat out the bag, this is a torture episode for Gian.
  2. Doraemon & Friends are out of character in this episode, they want to be like Nobita's Dad who was drinking beer with his friend.
  3. Suneo is very unlikable in this episode, for example:
    • He forced Gian to get him more soda so he can drink more with the Drunken Lid.
    • He also spilled said drink on Gian after he disliked his song, which is not only disrespectful but Gian doesn't fight back thanks to the fact that he's drunk.
    • Not only that but he takes total advantage of Gian, which causes Gian to go in tears.
  4. Plot-Hole: How did Gian get Nobita's books? Because in the episode he only took Suneo's Stamps because Suneo had to give them to Gian.
  5. Suneo never gets any comeuppance for his actions, making him a Karma Houdini in this episode.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Good animation and voice-acting as always.


  • Despite the episode being banned in Japan, the episode still aired in countries like Spain.


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