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Drama Queen (DC Super Hero Girls)

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Drama Queen (DC Super Hero Girls)
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"Wow, I'm mad... and disappointed! What a piss-poor selection." - Jacksfilms
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 32
Air Date: December 20, 2019
Writer: M.A. Larson
Director: Noëlle Raffaele
Previous episode: Scrambled Eggs
Next episode: Ally Cat

Drama Queen is the thirty-second episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.

Why It Is Filled With Loads Of Drama

  1. It's an episode completely dedicated to Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), one of (if not the) most hated characters in DC Super Hero Girls G2 (Next to Lois Lane (season 1) and the Tween Titans, with Robin being the worst) as he's incredibly rude, annoying, unlikable, boring, selfish, stupid, hateful and worst of all, an insufferable know-it-all. While his behavior is probably meant to be funny, it comes off as unbelievably irritating instead.
  2. Much like Scrambled Eggs, this episode is once again an unnecessary filler episode since not only this episode barely has any impact on the series with nothing happening as a whole, but it also worsened the issues that the previous episode has such as Zee, Oliver, and Karen being completely out of character, barley any continuity from previous episodes, the tone being jarring and mean spirited for the show’s standards, and nonsensical writing with plot holes, even though it didn’t lazily rehash any of the shorts before the episode, unlike Scrambled Eggs.
  3. In a case similar to Jessica in Retreat, Zee Zatara is at her worst here since she's a bigger spoiled teenage brat than she was in Scrambled Eggs who gets prickly when Oliver gets to play as Swash Bucker, chooses herself to be Lady Catharine (instead of getting someone else like Diana, Jessica, Kara, Barbara, or even Karen to be in the role) and being unthankful towards Oliver despite saving her from Cavalier, showing how incredibly selfish and spoiled Zee Zatara really is.
    • For some reason in this episode, she appears to be a damsel in distress here who don’t even stand up nor fight against Cavalier for trying to kill her.
  4. Likewise, Oliver Queen is no better as he sabotages Mortimer’s chance to be in the role, and even after Mortimer gets the role, he jealously trashes Mortimer’s dressing room all because Zee chooses him over Oliver for her school play, and has a justified reason since he tried to kill Zee just for being popular and to make matters worse is that Mortimer Drake redeems himself out of nowhere despite him trying to get both Zee and Oliver killed, and that can be considered as a crime!
    • This, along with Rage Cat and The Good, the Bad and the Bizarre is also another attempt by writers these days to force mercy on younger viewers.
  5. This episode, just like Scrambled Eggs, contracts the events of DC Super Hero Boys due to the fact that Oliver and Zee working together to stop the Kryptonians from taking over Metropolis even though they reverted back to being toxic rivals, with Oliver Queen being the most toxic.
  6. Bizarre and inconsistent writing which makes the episode feel like an episode with a plot that belongs more fittingly for an episode of (seasons 6-8) SpongeBob SquarePants.
  7. Plot Hole: Why can't Zee just use her magic to free her from Cavalier? This is particularly the same issue that most of the students have in Scrambled Eggs.
  8. When Oliver told Zee and Karen that Mortimer was trying to kill him and the former, they don’t even care about the fact that Mortimer Drake is actually Cavalier who was trying to kill Zee at the school play which are very out of character for the two since they would normally fight against the villain who shows their true colors hence both are members of the Super Hero Girls.
  9. The boys appearing in the auditions are very pointless additions in this episode, as they only appear in this episode for filler.
  10. Laughable dialogue due to the poor writing, especially "Who am I? Why, I'm your new Swash Buckler, m'lady!" from Mortimer.
  11. Its plot is rather weak to the series as a whole, being one of a handful of episodes in the series that served as filler which never usually happens compared to most episodes which barely have any impact on the series overall, but even so, it can still be skipped. You can watch the show, skip this episode, and anything too important would not be missed.
  12. Oliver Queen is the main character who is so out of character, and worst of all, he never gets any punishment for any of his actions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting, mainly from Kari Wahlgren and Eddie Perino, is a major improvement from Scrambled Eggs.
  2. Much like other bad episodes of the show, the animation is great as always much like the other Jam Filled animated episodes.
  3. Barry Allen, Garth Bernstein, Mortimer, and Hal Jordan are likeable in this episode, even recovering their flanderizations from Scrambled Eggs.
    1. Likewise, Oliver Queen, Karen, and Zee Zatara, after their two worst episodes, eventually had their character personalities restored in the next episode, Ally Cat.
  4. Good Ending: Despite being rushed, Oliver and Mortimer come to respect one another and turn their scorn toward Zee's acting and directing as she fumes in the wings.
  5. A few funny scenes such as Mortimer singing an Up Past 8 song during his auditions.
  6. Oliver Queen can be a bit funny (depending on your view).


This episode was extremely unpopular with fans due to the episode worsened most of the problems that the previous true filler episode has and Zee and Karen being very out-of-character as they wouldn’t care about Mortimer’s true colors, this episode is considered by many fans to be one of the worst episodes of the entire show, currently being the lowest-rated episode of the series on IMDb with a 6.4/10.