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Don't You Fore-Get About Me (The Loud House)

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Don't You Fore-Get About Me (The Loud House)
This episode more or less hit a bogey.
Series: The Loud House
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 20a
Air Date: May 13, 2020
Writer: Sammie Crowley
Director: Jessica Borutski
Previous episode: House Flip
Next episode: Tough Cookies

Don't You Fore-Get About Me is the 37th episode of the fourth season of The Loud House.


Leni attempts to sabotage Lori's plans for college, so she won't leave.

Why We Should Fore-Get About This Episode

  1. The main problem with this episode is that the plot does not work and does not understand Leni as a character, or Leni Loud in general. The story's plot is incredibly out of character for Leni to sabotage her own sisters' plans. One of the sweetest and gentlest Loud sisters try to stop her older sister from going to a college she likes is never a thing she would stoop herself that low.
  2. The only reason Leni sabotages Lori's college plans is that she doesn't want to lose Lori, her BFF who always does different activities with her. How stupid do you think Leni is? Yes, Leni is the airhead of the series as intended, but she isn't stupid. She would never make a reason to sabotage her plans so dumb enough to the point that she would sabotage Lori's plans for her selfishness or beliefs.
    • She would know Lori wouldn't be gone forever from her. Plus, she can still contact her from time to time on her mobile phone, so how hard can that be for Leni herself?
    • She would also know that a reason to sabotage her plans is not a good idea or any fair either.
    • Leni still has her school friends and work friends from a fan-favorite episode, "Everybody Loves Leni". Why couldn't she do her activities with them?
  3. Clickbait and attention-grabbing title: While the title is a reference to Simple Minds' song "Don't You (Forget About Me)," it has nothing to do with the episode at all, and it does not even sound funny.
  4. Leni smiling about Coach Niblick's planning to revoke Lori's college scholarship is one thing but being happy that she RUINED Lori's college plans until she was found out later in the episode makes the episode look more intolerable.
  5. When Lori finds out why Leni tried to do what she did, she is only a little bit angry, and forgives her quickly. She could interrogate Leni for some time, and not immediately forgive Leni until she has done something that would give Lori her trust in her back. This also makes Leni an irredeemable dumbass and butt-monkey.
  6. There is a really pointless subplot of where Ronnie Anne is skateboarding and Lincoln is filming her it’s not a bad subplot but it could’ve been it’s own episode in the spin off series.
    • Also it Pretty much only exists for the typical “Ronniecon” Shippers.
    • Missed Opportunity: Sid Chang could've appeared in this episode and interact with both Ronnie Anne and Lincoln but she did not and is not even mentioned at all by Lincoln or Ronnie Anne.
  7. Leni doesn't get receive any consequences despite ruining Lori's college plan and lying to Coach Niblick. Instead, Leni and Lori have to fix what she has done.
  8. There was already an episode where Leni knew Lori was thwarting her plans to get her driver's license, and it was already done right ("Driving Miss Hazy"). The story premise in this episode also feels pointless because Leni would know by now her decision to thwart Lori's college plans is not a good idea. So that's possibly backstabbing or betrayal.
  9. We come back to the same bad moral from the already terrible "Kings of the Con", this episode states that if you selfishly thwart other people's plans for your own needs and no one else's and does not think what is best for anyone else, you will get called out for it, but you can't get punished for it. This is not a moral you should show or tell the viewers, old or young!
  10. Sergio from The Casagrandes is pointlessly shoehorned as usual and he adds absolutely nothing to the plot other besides his four cameos. You could cut all four of his cameo scenes, and it wouldn't affect the episode's quality one bit.
    • It is because the writers favor him, making him the creator's pet. He is also shoehorned in The Casagrandes a lot and takes up too much screen time. That even goes to the point where other characters can be seen in episodes without lines.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The scene with Leni interacting with Lily near the beginning in the style of therapy was cute.
  2. Although the subplot with Ronnie Anne and Lincoln was pointless and had nothing to do with the episode, it is nice to see Ronnie Anne and Lincoln interact outside of the spin-off series for a change.
  3. The rest of the characters (expect for Leni) are likable.


  • A promotional sketch Sarah Johnson did for this episode is about The Breakfast Club which is the film where this song came from.
  • This is also the Casagrandes family (and Ronnie Anne) only appearance in Season 4 outside of the Casagrandes story arc.
  • Lori would eventually go to college in the Season 5 premiere "Schooled!".


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