Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4 Bloopers)

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Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4 Bloopers)
This episode is not okie dokie!
Series: SMG4
Part of Season: 8
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: February 10, 2018
Writer: Kevin Lerdwichagul
Director: Luke Lerdwichagul
Previous episode: Mario's Dangerous Delivery
Next episode: Mario Gladiators

SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club is the sixth episode of Season 8 to be uploaded by SMG4.


It's Valentines! And everyone has a valentines date... even... Fishy Boopkins? ... Wait a minute... that's not a person. OH GOD, RUN!

Bad Qualities

  1. To start with, Saiko is very unlikable in this episode as she constantly causes trouble and almost tries to kill Mario,Luigi SMG4 and Boopkins. To make the matters worse, this was her debut episode.
  2. Some scenes are made for filler such as Boopkins alongside with Lemmy Koopa and Francis protesting outside the anime studio in order to bring their waifus alive.
  3. The things that Saiko do for the most of the time are usually unfunny, annoying and very mean-spirited like burning all of Boopkins' waifus and destroying Luigi's phone because he didn't spend time with her.
  4. In the end of this episode the viewer is still expected to sympathize with Saiko because she was ignored in her video for many years. However due to the poor execution it makes it hard for the viewer to feel sorry for her.
  5. The title implies that this episode will be a Doki Doki Literature Club parody. However, aside from the beginning part there isn't anything that feels like a parody of the said game which means that the title is misleading. It doesn't help that, at the time the episode came out, it couldn't be a straight-up DDLC parody because no 3D models of the girls (particularly Monika, who Saiko was clearly based on) had been made yet.

Good Qualities

  1. The famous quote: Stop it, this is not okie dokie!
  2. The part with Toad was pretty funny.
  3. The ending, despite being forced was actually emotional.
  4. it still debuted a new character, Saiko, who became more likable as Season 8 progressed.


Despite not receiving as much as backlash as Mario Joins the Circus and Boys vs Girls, this episode was widely considered to be the weakest episode of season 8 by the fans.


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