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Morgz Plus Robuxian = This Guy
Style: Clickbaiter
Date Joined: Oct 25, 2020
No. of videos: 17
Schedule: None
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: Unknown

Doal is a YouTuber who is known for being exposed by DJ Cook.

Why He and His Videos Suck

  1. Not only is he a clickbaiter, but a scammer too.
  2. He is one of the those Youtubers that say's "Like this video in 5 seconds or this will not work for you/be in your bed tonight".
  3. His videos that were on how to be a specific role on Among Us. However, these "tutorials" had him pressing random buttons and he claims that to be the role he is talking about but doesn't even show It.
  4. His streams are scams, in those videos he tells the viewers to spam their username, Doal, or a random letter. He nowadays shows himself giving Robux to random people that are not in the chat! Also, he spams, which is a scam site.
  5. He does fake giveaways.
  6. The streams are the exact same thing every time, but with different games.
  7. He repeats his videos, for example, he uploaded 7 videos about how to earn "Free Pets" in Among Us.
  8. He was exposed by Youtuber DJ Cook, In that video DJ wanted to talk with him, but Doal lied several times when DJ was asking him if he was talking to him. Then he admitted he was Doal. Doal said he wanted stop clickbaiting. DJ believed him and asked him why he did those things, but then after the whole conversation, Doal said he will improve and stop scamming. At first he did stop clickbaiting but then, he started clickbaiting and scamming people again.
  9. His alternative accounts Zurq, Priesty, etc. are pretty much the same thing, but either focus on different games, or are gameplay.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he stopped clickbaiting for a bit.
  2. He doesn't use the 10-minute mark like other clickbaiters.


Doal has been panned by YouTube users for tricking kids into thinking his "Free" live streams are real and his fake how-to-videos. Other than that, he's obscure (ish).





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