Do Me a Solid (Regular Show)

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Do Me a Solid (Regular Show)
This episode isn't even "solid" at all!
Series: Regular Show
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 18
Air Date: May 2, 2011
Writer: Kat Morris
Minty Lewis
Director: Mike Roth
Previous episode: See You There
Next episode: Grave Sights

"Do Me a Solid" is the eighteenth episode in Season 2 (and thirtieth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 2, 2011.


Mordecai and Rigby call in favours from each other, starting with Mordecai using a solid from Rigby to go on a date with Margaret and Eileen.

Why You Should Do Us a Solid and Not Watch this

  1. The whole episode is a Mordecai torture episode.
  2. Rigby is really unlikable for trying to use all ten of his solids to ruin Mordecai’s date with Margaret such as:
    • Keeping Mordecai away from the front seat with Margaret and himself away from Eileen in the back seat.
    • Ruining Margaret's mini golf game by making Mordecai scream as loud as he can.
    • Make Mordecai eat a burrito with a lot of hot sauce and spit it all over Margaret.
    • Make Mordecai buy popcorn and ask Margaret for money.
    • Make Mordecai leave again to get butter on popcorn.
    • Try to make Mordecai leave the movie yet again, but Mordecai prepared for this and already has napkins, making Rigby waste his sixth solid.
    • Rigby makes Mordecai take the blame for a fake fart in the movie theater.
    • Makes Mordecai get ice cream sandwiches from the snack bar as a double solid and invites Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost to make Margaret uncomfortable.
    • And Rigby uses his last solid to make Mordecai do god-knows-what in front of Margaret and video tapes Mordecai doing the embarrassing solid.
  3. Plot hole: When Mordecai refuses to do the final solid, the whole world starts to fall apart, but in the beginning of the episode when Rigby initially refused Mordecai’s solid of going on a double-date with Margaret and Eileen, absolutely nothing happens.
  4. Benson, Skips, and Pops showing up when Mordecai has to do the final solid serves no point but to add to Mordecai’s humiliation.
  5. The twist where Margaret reveals she’s doing Eileen a solid to break a date and do the double date with Mordecai so Eileen could be with Rigby feels like a slap to the face after what Mordecai has been through.
  6. Despite making up for what he did, Rigby never gets punished for humiliating Mordecai and ruining his date with Margaret. You can't forgive that Karma Houdini, Mordecai.
  7. The message the episode is making is that it’s okay to blackmail your friends if they forgive you afterwards. Well it's not! It's horrible to do that!
    • Another troubling and cliched moral can be found in this episode: standing up for yourself is wrong. That is shown when Mordecai stands up to Rigby by refusing to do the last solid only for this refusal to cause disaster.
  8. Hypocrisy: While the episode teaches the bad moral that standing up for yourself is wrong, it later had Mordecai stand up to Rigby again and call him a jerk for videotaping the embarrassing 10th solid Mordecai did in front of everyone and he is shown to be in the right for calling Rigby out.
  9. The reveal that refusing to do a solid puts the whole world in jeopardy is outrageous and ludicrous for a slice of life cartoon with a grounded tone and it only seems to exist to make Mordecai look selfish for refusing to do the last solid.
  10. Toilet humor is strongly implied in this episode as near the ending, Mordecai does the last solid by squatting on the floor while everyone watches him and that is complete with dump truck noises and a very shocked reaction from Margaret with a shocked look on her face. All of this strongly implies that the last solid was for Mordecai to defecate on the floor in front of all of friends, which Mordecai does and realistically, defecating on the floor in front of your friends whether by accident or because they are forced to is very humiliating.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As mentioned before, at least Rigby makes up for what he did by destroying the VHS tape of Mordecai doing the final solid.
  2. This episode marks Eileen's first major role in the series.
  3. The beginning where it shows a montage of Mordecai and Rigby doing each other solids was entertaining.
    • In particular, the part where they cheese the nachos.
      • And the scene where Rigby throws the nachos at a tree is hilarious.
  4. "You mean THESE napkins? Oooooohhh! In yo FACE!!"
  5. At least Benson and Skips didn't laugh at Mordecai upon doing the final solid and never appeared at the end to see his video and mock him, proving that they are mature and professional unlike Rigby and the others.



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