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Digging Up the Road (Peppa Pig)

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Digging Up the Road (Peppa Pig)
Digging Up The Road.jpg
Oh, this road will be dug up alright! Let's dig deep into how bad this episode is...
Series: Peppa Pig
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 26
Air Date: November 18, 2009
Previous episode: Numbers
Next episode: Freddy Fox

Digging Up the Road is the twenty-sixth episode from the third season of Peppa Pig.

Why This Episode Should Be Dug Down By Itself

  1. Putting the first negative quality out of the way, George was at his worst in this episode as he spent roughly 90% of it crying. Speaking of crying, what you are about to hear can get on your last nerves as he does this four times:
    • When Peppa and her family were stuck in a traffic jam to get to the playground.
    • George cries again after Daddy Pig drives away from Mr Bull once the construction is complete.
    • He cries for a third time because he doesn't want to go home and wants to play with his friends.
    • After assuming that Mr Bull has finished his construction work for the day, George cried for the last time. Thankfully it wasn't as long as he cried the first three times because he calmed down once he heard the noise of the power machines.
  2. It's not explained how there was a traffic jam.
  3. Horrible Moral: If you want something good to happen, cry for it. Not everyone is the same age as you, George; almost everyone is older than you, and we use our common sense!
  4. The ending was bad as there’s a bunch of cars in a traffic jam that is unresolved as the episode cuts to black.
  5. George’s crying can quickly gets on everyone’s last nerves as he did it twice for no real reason.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Pretty much everyone (except George) is likeable in this episode.


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