Diego and Glot

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Diego and Glot
Chilean people may have nightmares to see that atrocity.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22–24 minutes
Country: Chile
Release Date: September 3, 2005
Network(s): Canal 13
Created by: Claudio Kreutzberger
Sebastián Correa
José Tomás "Cote" Correa
Distributed by: ???
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 20 (15 emitted)

Diego and Glot is a Chilean animated series created by Claudio Kreutzberger in 2005, with the collaboration of Sebastián Correa and José Tomás Correa of CuboNegro studios, for Canal 13.

Bad Qualities

  1. Very ugly and mediocre animation, it's almost worse than Stressed Eric, and Da Möb, and with a color palette washed-out.
  2. Terrible humor.
  3. Abysmal voice acting.
  4. Horrible and weird soundtrack, including the intro song.
  5. There are many scenes that are really disturbing.
    1. In the episode "Kiltro" (don't be confused by the Chilean Lipigas dog), there is a scene where Diego and his friends were suspended for doing an experiment, after Diego's friends leave school, Diego's friends think that the parents can hit him, which is very disturbing, Not only that, it is also child abuse.
    2. There is another scene from the episode mentioned before, Diego's Father works, and after a few seconds, Diego's father strangles Diego but in the photo.
    3. In the episode "Super Family" there is a scene where Diego's family lose, then in all the houses they see Diego's family to lose, then in a few moments, Diego's father comes out and there is a rope in the tree, it is as if they will kill him.
    4. In the episode "Bad Paw", in the beginning, we see some rabbits in the desert, a few seconds, a truck goes out and runs over a rabbit. WHAT?
    5. In the episode "Tolerance", Danilo takes his snot out, which is very disgusting and unpleasant.
      • Not only Danilo also takes out his snot, but also in the beginning, several Africans are naked, including the woman with a long neck, and THEY ARE UNCENSORED IN A SERIES FOR CHILDREN!
  6. Plots are meaningless, weak and forgettable.
  7. The characters in this series are very unpleasant and a little unbearable, including Diego, as well as his parents.
    • Speaking of Diego, he is an overall bland character. He tries very hard to be fun, but fails, which is why he quickly becomes bland and boring.
  8. It is extremely mean spirited.
  9. Danilo is a very gross and unpleasant character. He even looks like an Alfe clone from The Problem Solverz but much worse!
  10. Bath humor is disgusting and unfunny.
  11. This series has inappropriate language for a show for kids. (Granted, because Chile has different views on what is appropriate and not appropriate for kids)
  12. Terrible and unattractive character designs. For example, why does Diego's teacher have green skin?

Good Qualities

  1. The jokes "Se fueron cagando" and "Tiene pena" are funny.
  2. Diego's grandmother is the only personable character, compared to other characters.
  3. Season 2, while still very horrible and disturbing, improved a little bit.
  4. Like The Amazing World of Gumball, In the episodes, there is a ton of references, which is very impressive.
  5. The jokes, although terrible, if you see it on YouTube Poop or memes, which it's very hilarious, unfortunately there is only two YouTube Poop videos and few memes.
  6. Sometimes the characters can be likable.
  7. You can learn about Chile watching this show.


  • In 2020, a tv program called "TV Educa Chile" arrived since they came to broadcast this series, but at night.


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