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Dhar Mann clone videos

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Dhar Mann clone videos
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"So you see? Imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery."

Dhar Mann is a web series created by the entrepreneur and filmmaker of the same name. Several rip-offs of the series have been created over the years.

While Dhar Mann videos have mixed-to-negative reception, the clones appear even more negatively received, even by Dhar Mann fans.

Examples of YouTubers, channels, and series that rip off Dhar Mann


  1. Ayden Mekus


  1. The Beast Family


  1. D.C.'s Family
  2. DramatizeMe


  1. Generation Hope


  1. Illumeably


  1. Life Lessons with Luis
  2. Life Reels
  3. Love XO


  1. Paradigm Studios


  1. RLS Studios


  1. Sameer Bhavnani
  2. SoulSnack
  3. SuperMission
  4. Shaneplays


  1. Tomorrow's Teachings
  2. Totally Studios


  1. Vid Chronicles


  1. ZVOID Studios

So, You See... This Is Why They Are Not Telling Stories

  1. Let us get the elephant out of the room: The only reason these channels exist is to cash in on Dhar Mann's videos. Had these channels been inspirations, it would be a different story, but instead they decided to completely rip-off Dhar Mann, except for being even worse.
  2. Atrocious acting that is much worse than even the worst acting in Dhar Mann, as the actors try way too hard to seem relatable, but they all come off as idiots. In one video (check AugustTheDuck's video below), one kid full on keeps a smile for the entire video, even when he is getting fed dog food, and in another one which basically parodies the Will Smith slap, the kids all sound emotionless.
  3. Because of their lower budgets (especially Totally Studios), the camera quality is nothing to write home about either, nor is the editing. One clone channel used CGI faces of real celebrities on certain characters, and one channel used green screens for areas.
  4. Some videos talk about things that are hip at the time, for example, SoulSnack made a video about a kid SOSing through a Wordle.
  5. Like Dhar Mann, these channels claim to be family-friendly, despite the videos having mature themes, but they go even more so with their "family friendly" content than Dhar Mann, such as racism, sexual harassment, domestic or child abuse, pedophilia, rape, incest, suicide, porn, and even MURDER! Not helping is that they don't tackle these subjects seriously, making them look like jokes.
  6. While Dhar Mann has the “so bad it’s good” factor going for it, these videos are just straight-up bad. So bad to the point where they can get disturbing.
    • In the video "Naughty High School Teacher Touches Student In His...," a teacher sexually harasses a student. It was so bad it got its own page here before YouTube finally took it off their site. Another one involved a teacher by the name of Mr. Shitoshi (yes, that's his name) defecating on a child's homework. The reason why is because his father took a dump on his face 30 years earlier. The video has an even worse way of showing how getting revenge on someone is wrong. Not even Dhar Mann would ever go this far. In one of the worst videos, as said, it shows actual murder, as a woman cuts off her husband's oxygen tank. That is just pure evil!
  7. Just like Dhar Mann, the subtitles are automatically on and cannot be turned off.
    • Speaking of which, some subtitle errors in Dhar Mann shorts are present but extremely rare, on the other hand, the clones tend to have overall countless errors with the subtitles that could've easily been spotted and fixed via proofreading.
  8. Vid Chronicles has this membership subscription on YouTube for viewers to join and pay for, to watch their feature films (and videos before they are released to the general public), which is downright stupid. And we're not talking about YouTube Premium, we mean the regular website!
  9. Some videos are outright offensive:
    1. In Life Lessons with Luis' video entitled “White Guy FORCES MUSLIM Girl to EAT PORK!!!”, there are so many things wrong here and you do not have to be Muslim to know. First off, Muslims do not date. Second, her hijab is showing her ears and hair. Thirdly, steak fries are not made out of steak. Fourth, the Muslim girl is dating a non-Muslim (which is haram in two ways), and finally, the entire thing is just distasteful. Making a video on religious issues is very hard because you need to have full knowledge of the religion being targeted. Make mistakes and you'll get this.
    2. Likewise, one video involved two people forcing a vegan to eat meat. The video gets more mean spirited as the guy who was tormented with the steak gives her some meat and jokes about the lady’s dog being inside of it when actually giving her vegan meat.
    3. For Generation Hope's videos (plus other certain channels), any video that features racism negatively portrays most Caucasians as evil, sociopathic, immoral, and bigoted, and they are also shown to hate people of color for no legitimate reason. Likewise, the videos depict colored people as persecuted saints. That is hypocritically racist and just flat-out wrong, as in some cases, white people can be victims of racism and colored people can be as racist and bigoted as the white people in these videos.
  10. Sameer and Luis like to cameo themselves in a lot of their videos. At least Dhar Mann kept it to a minimum, but because the budget, production, and everything else is lower quality in these channels, it happens a lot more often, which feels lazy.
  11. Some videos are rich in clickbait. One video had kids “copying Squid Game” in the title, but the actual video had nothing to do with the show at all. It was just kids taking turns paying each other to fight.
  12. The videos and channels are even self-aware, such as in one of Luis' videos where they shoehorn Dhar Mann for no reason.
  13. While Dhar Mann's videos are bad, the problem with these channels makes said videos look like a masterpiece in comparison. Also, while Dhar Mann’s videos are considered to be "so bad, it’s good" by some, these channels' videos are just straight up bad.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are occasional good videos here and there.
  2. Depending on your view, sometimes these channels can come off as unintentionally hilarious due to the horrible acting and writing, like Sameer Bhavnani and Life Lessons With Luis.
  3. Though rare, it could be likely these videos are intentionally bad, and that can be noticed. Though, it's obviously not a parody.
  4. Like Dhar Mann, a few of the actors are decent. In fact, some of Dhar Mann’s actors are on these videos and sometimes vice versa (meaning that they later appeared on Dhar Mann).
  5. Out of all these clones, Vid Chronicles may be considered the best (despite their membership on films). This is because their camera angles and editing look more authentic. Plus, their videos are a lot more realistic compared to the other clones.


The clones, of course, received negative reception from viewers, though weirdly most comments of the videos do not seem to acknowledge this.


  • Some of these Dhar Mann clones originally had done original content on their older channels such as:
    1. Sameer Bhavnani: Originally known for his web series To Catch a Cheater, but soon quit the series in 2021 to move on to his own channel.
    2. Life Lessons With Luis: Originally also known for To Catch a Cheater.
    3. The Beast Family: Originally another controversial family channel, similar to the Royalty Family and Ryan's World.
    4. D.C.'s Family: Another family channel.
    5. Ayden Mekus is one of Dhar Mann's actors, in which his channel used to post original content. Once he was a part of Dhar Mann Studios, he started to copy his style of videos.



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