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Detetives do Prédio Azul (season 7-present)

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The detectives are no longer ready to investigate...

Detetives do Prédio Azul is a Brazilian live-action created by Flávia Lins e Silva, made for Gloob.

Three inseparable friends – Bento, Mila and Pippo from the seventh; Bento, Sol and Pippo from the octave onwards; Max, Sol and Pippo from the thirteenth; Max, Maria Flor and Zeca from the fifteenth - live in a very old building full of mysteries, deciding to unravel them in fetched adventures. In the secret clubhouse, which is in a camouflaged part of the courtyard and not known to adults, they don their super-equipped capes and become the Blue Building Detectives.

Why It Can't Investigate Anymore

  1. The main problem with these seasons is that they don't quite catch the charm that the first six seasons do for the reasons mentioned below and because they are unnecessary seasons that are being produced just for Gloob to make a profit.
  2. Answering the first reason, these seasons fail to capture the charm of the first six seasons, as while the mysteries the detectives solved were from everyday situations that happen in their normal lives, most of the mysteries of these seasons only involve mysteries that involve magic and between this is quite noticeable especially in the more recent seasons.
  3. These seasons also made the first six seasons lose the total sense they made, because in the old days Leocádia was portrayed as a person who looked like a witch, but she wasn't and the message that the program conveyed in the past was to never judge a book by its cover, but now these new seasons have spoiled the message that the show had passed on in the past, making Leocádia really, a witch.
  4. Not only did Leocádia become a witch in these new seasons, but they also made the first detective in the red cape (Mila), to become a witch in these seasons, and the first six seasons managed to make it very clear that she is a normal child who nor the first detectives (Tom and Capim) and this plot also ended up becoming unnecessary for the show and then became useless in recent seasons, as Mila was never almost mentioned or appeared on the show anymore.
  5. These seasons also have almost no connection to the first six seasons, looking like they never existed.
  6. The writing of the episodes also becomes more and more childish and stupid with each season, this is quite noticeable in several episodes, such as in the episode "O Melequento".
  7. Quantity Over Quality: These new seasons made the show reach a goal of 16 seasons with 404 episodes, for sure the show will jump the shark at some point because of that and this happened in the seventh season when they decided to introduce the owner Leocádia as a real witch.
  8. The length of the episodes of the first six seasons, which was 11 minutes, was doubled to 22 minutes in these seasons, which was completely unnecessary and proves that Gloob wants to gain more audience by increasing the length of the episodes.
    • However, despite the last episode of the sixth season being 24 minutes long, it's justifiable, since it's a special Christmas episode to end the season.
  9. Going to talk about the new actors on the show, even though they aren't bad they really seem to be on the wrong show and they seem to be unnecessary and useless additions to the show and it's really annoying to see that most of the time they always change as the show goes on, even the detectives have unnecessary actor changes, despite the new detectives being likeable characters.
  10. Some new characters in the series can be really nasty, like Berenice or her sister, Brisa.
    • In addition, these seasons also managed to flank Dona Leocádia, making her more abusive with her witch powers and her dominance power for being the owner of the building.
  11. Most of the new plots in these seasons also involve magic, as in the more recent seasons of the show always having a magical antagonist, while most of the everyday plots always being left out.
  12. There are many horrible episodes and some tend to have lazy plots, with episode "O Melequento", being the worst offender.
  13. The writers are also using the show to cash in on sales, adding new stuff to the show for the sole purpose of cashing in on toys, accessories, and other things to sell with the franchise.
  14. These seasons had some horrible and unnecessary spin-offs, like Vlog da Mila or Vlog da Berê.
  15. Unfortunately, these seasons have already tried to be modern and cool with the target-audience, this is quite shown in some episodes as "Jogando sem Parar" or "O Popular".
  16. 2018's new opening intro, while captivating, tarnished the legacy that 2012's fast-paced intro had, making it even more unnecessarily long than it already is and in addition to taking away the phrase detectives spoke when they gathered, when they put the hands on top of each other and then throw their hands up.
  17. The building's setting has undergone drastic changes in its look making it look more like a fan-made building than the show's original building.
  18. (Except Severino for being on the series since its first season) The characters from the old cast never came back these last few seasons to make decent cameos, despite the first three detectives in the series having returned in a mini cameo in the first movie and not to mention the Mila's appearances in these seasons, while not bad, were rather mediocre due to the fact that they were poorly executed due to her plot of being a witch.
  19. Hypocrisy: In one episode, Theobaldo made it very clear that magic should not be used for everyday situations, as almost all wizards who live in the building always use magic for situations of this type.
    • Also, since magic isn't supposed to be used in everyday situations, then why did the writers decide to add it to the series?
  20. The blue building has also received rather petty visitors, with the couple in the episode "O Melequento", the worst offenders.
  21. The jokes that weren't so good in the first six seasons (although some were funny) got much worse in these seasons making the show almost never have some funny moments to amuse the target-audience and the jokes that the show sometimes tries to bring are stupidly without graces.
  22. On Tom's last episode, his actor changed for unknown reasons, making Tom look older.
  23. Leocádia's absurd actions in these seasons make these seasons pass bad morals on to kids, like a child kidnapping being a great way to get what we want when it's not true.
  24. These seasons have already made some horrible attempts at neutral language in their dialogue.
  25. Some episodes tend to use some ridiculous toilet/gross-out humor here and there.
  26. The new hotel in the building is quite lazy as Leocádia used the concierge to make the hotel there when she could simply use an empty house in the building to make a decent hotel in it, so much so that the building turns out to be quite empty since the recurring residents of the program are never mentioned or seen.
  27. These seasons can also sometimes contain very disturbing things for their target audience, as it was shown in the sixteenth season that a new character on the show named "Sir Lança Forte" has three eyes and his third eye is on his neck.
  28. Overall, these seasons so destroyed the reputation of the first six seasons of the show to the point where many people started to hate the entire show because of them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These seasons can still be enjoyed by some fans, due to the fact that they still continue the pattern of episodes from the first six seasons.
    • Also, not only does the pattern of the episodes still follow the same purpose from the first season, but a few other things from those seasons also have some good grasp of the source material:
      • The logo for the first six seasons was not changed in those seasons and it still remains the same awesome logo.
      • The detectives capes have also not changed and are still the same amazing capes as always.
      • The phrase "the unbeatables, the invincibles, the (some word that detectives make up when it's a theme to do with the episode), blue building detectives" is still used in every episode of the show.
      • The choreography and poses of when they will put on their capes are still faithful to the choreography and poses of the first six seasons and also the detectives' names still appear on the screen.
      • Severino and Leocádia (despite leocádia having changed actors in the eleventh season) at least are still on the show with their usual character roles (despite Leocádia's flanking).
  2. The new cast even though they are in the wrong series, they are still great actors.
  3. The new characters are nice like the new detectives, Theobaldo, Sissineide, Tobby or the parents of the new detectives.
    • Although Berenice and Brisa are mediocre characters, depending on the episode, they can be nice, the same can be said for Leocádia's flanderization.
  4. There are still a lot of good episodes here and there.
  5. Its first movie involving the first and second generation detectives is a very good.
    • Depending on your vision, the same can be said for the film's sequels.
  6. The voice acting as usual is great.
  7. These seasons have some exciting moments.
  8. The seventh season, while mediocre, is the most acceptable of all the seasons, as it was the farewell season for the show's first three detectives.
  9. Some small participation of the old cast, because despite Tom having left the building at the beginning of the seventh season, at least Mila and Capim still remained a little longer than him in the series, despite having left the series in the seventh season and despite the bad execution, at least Mila was still seen and mentioned and even got her own spin-off (same bad) and best of all, Severino still remains on the series with his same usual doorman personality since the first season of the show.
  10. Some pretty catchy tunes, like the "Uma Vez Detetive, Detetive Para Sempre" or even the 2018 intro theme song, despite having tarnished the legacy of the 2012 intro.
    • Talking more about the show's songs, the soundtrack that plays in every scene in the episodes is great and blends in well with every situation.


In fact these seasons were well received by many fans of the series, but some google users who have a slightly critical eye hated these seasons and even said that the series has never been the same since the entry of Pippo, Bento and Sol on the show.