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Death of Rui Torres

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Thank you Rui for teaching us to use our creativity and imagination, rest in peace.

On February 24, 2008, Mexican television presenter Rutilio Torres Mantecón, better known as Rui Torres, died at the age of 31. The causes of his death are a mystery to this day, although several rumors suspect that it could be suicide or antidepressant overdose, but none of these hypotheses have been confirmed.

Rui Torres is remembered for being the host of the first two seasons of the Latin American version of Art Attack. After 2002, Rui would leave the program to dedicate himself to his university studies and personal life. In 2006 his two-year-old daughter died of a respiratory infection, which plunged him into a deep depression until her mysterious death.

This page is dedicated to Rutilio Torres Mantecón (December 30, 1976 - February 24, 2008)


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