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Death of Roberto Marinho

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"We believe in the dream and build in reality." - Roberto Marinho

On August 6, 2003, the owner of Organizações Globo, Roberto Marinho died at the age of 98 at the Hospital Samaritano on Rio de Janeiro, victim of a pulmonary embolism. He was admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of Hospital Samaritano, in the morning, due to pulmonary edema. Throughout the day, his health remained serious. At 9:30 PM, the journalist was rushed to surgery, doctors tried to dissolve a clot in the lung, but were unsuccessful. He did not resist the surgery and died at 22:30 PM. He was the owner of Organizações Globo in 1925 until 2003, that includes the newspaper O Globo, cable TV programmer Globosat, radio station Rádio Globo and the TV channel Rede Globo. As well being the founder of Brazilian education foundation, Fundação Roberto Marinho. His body was veiled at his home on Rio de Janeiro and was buried in the São João Batista cemetery in Botafogo.

May he rest in peace.



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