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Death of Ricardo Boechat

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On February 11, 2019, a helicopter accident killed journalist Ricardo Boechat at age 66 on the Anhanguera Highway, northwest area of São Paulo at 12:15PM. The journalist was returning to the Band headquarters in São Paulo, after attending a lecture of pharmaceutical company Libbs in Campinas, that was in the Bell 206B PT-HPG prefix helicopter, however, the helicopter had a mechanical failure and the pilot Ronaldo Quatrucci tried to get out of the collision with a truck, but failed and ended up colliding with the truck and tragically killed the pilot and the journalist. According to Anac, the helicopter was regular and with a flight certificate valid until May 2023, however, RQ Serviços Aéreos Especializados Ltda., was not authorized to provide air taxi services, but specialized air services as air photography, air reporting and aerofilming. Boechat was known for being one of the presenters of Jornal da Band from Band between 2006 to 2019, as well as for his passage in Rede Globo in Bom Dia Brasil, in Disney's Zootopia, in the Brazilian version of the film, he voiced the character Onçardo Boi Chá. Several journalists, Band employees and celebrities from Brazilian TV paid tribute to Ricardo Boechat on social networks and on television.



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