Death of Jerry Nelson

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Thanks for helping us learn to count, And we’re sure gonna miss you, Mr. Nelson. :( July 10, 1934-August 24, 2012

On August 24, 2012, longtime Muppet performer Jerry Nelson passed away at the age of 78 from emphysema. Jerry Nelson was hired by Jim Henson in 1965 and went on to perform with The Muppets for shows like Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and many other Muppet programs. His best known performance was Sesame Street's Count Von Count. The character was taken over by Matt Vogel.

May he be missed.


Tributes poured in to remember Jerry Nelson. This video was sent to Youtube user Zak Wolf he got an Email from Muppet Central that Jerry Nelson had passed away.


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