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Death of Jean-Yves Raimbaud

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Poor man got to make his first creation but he never got to see his second creation.

On June 28, 1998, Jean-Yves Raimbaud died from lung cancer in Montrouge, France. He was famously known for being the creator of Space Goofs (along with Philippe Traversat). The series is about five aliens named Candy, Etno, Gorgeous, Bud and Stereo trying to get back home. Raimbaud later came up with an idea of show about one blue cat and three mischievous cockroaches and he called it "Oggy and the Cockroaches". He made the pilot for series and it can be seen right here. After his death, Raimbaud never got to see the changes in his shows, and he never got to see Oggy and the Cockroaches become one of Xilam's most successful shows.

Thank you for the shows you made Raimbaud, we'll miss you and even Oggy, Joey, Dee Dee, Marky, Candy, Etno, Gorgeous, Bud and Stereo themselves.


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