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Death of Iara Riça

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We the people, as well fans of Batman we are going to miss you Iara.

On April 27, 2021, Brazilian voice actress Iara Riça died at age 56, victim of brain death, caused by a brain aneurysm. Before she died, she was admitted to a hospital, staying in a coma in the same month. The news of her death was given by Brazilian voice actor Guilherme Briggs on Twitter, who was close to her in the last days of her life. She was known for voicing actress like Brenda Song, the late Thuy Trang and Zoraida Gomez, the also late singer Aaliyah and characters like Tecna from Winx Club, Blossom from the original The Powerpuff Girls, Yumi from HiHi Puffy AmiYumi, Sarah from Ed, Edd n Eddy, Jean Grey in X-Men Evolution, Maurecia from Wayside, Marilu from Historietas Assombradas (para Crianças Malcriadas), Courtney from Total Drama, Tails from Sonic, Corrector Yui of the anime of the same name, Fuu from Samurai Champloo, Giselle from Open Season, Frankie from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Charlotte from Disney's The Princess and the Frog, and her most famously role being Harley Quinn from Batman. Due of her problems with new contracts in the Brazilian voice acting in her last years as a voice actress, which ended her losing her characters like Tecna, Courtney and Tails, mainly with the problems she had with Warner Bros. in the Brazilian dub of the Birds of Prey movie, alleging that she wasn't the perfect voice for her in the film, she was retired from the voice acting since early 2020.

Various fans of the Brazilian voice acting, Brazilian voice actors and the creator of Historietas Assombradas (para Crianças Malcriadas), Victor-Hugo Borges send their condolences to her on her death.

English translation: Dedicated to Iara Riça, voice actress of Blossom.

In the end credits of The Powerpuff Girls Movie on HBO Max, she received a posthumous tribute.

She's going to be missed and may she rest in peace.


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