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Death of Hebe Camargo

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Rest in glory, Hebe...

On September 29, 2012, famous Brazilian TV host Hebe Camargo died at the age of 83, victim of a cardiopulmonary arrest, due to cancer in the peritoneum in her sleep at dawn in São Paulo. Famously known as The Queen of Brazilian TV, she presented the long-running Brazilian talk show Hebe for 46 years, where it was last shown on RedeTV! in the same year. Two days before her death, she had signed a new contract with SBT to return to the network, however, with her death two days after signing the contract, ended up giving an end to her expected return at SBT, that was expected in October. Her body was revealed at the Palácio dos Bandeirantes, seat of the government of the state of São Paulo and buried in the Gethsêmani Cemetery. The week after her death, in its honor, Avenida Perimetral was renamed to Avenida Hebe Camargo, as well as the CEU theater in the Paraisópolis neighborhood, which are located in the south of the city.

May she rest in peace.



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