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Day of the Departed (Ninjago)

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Day of the Departed (Ninjago)
The day Ninjago began to depart in quality...
Part of Season: Special
Episode Number: 1
Previous episode: The Way Back
Next episode: The Hands of Time

Day of the Departed is the first and only TV special (so far) of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu.


When Cole returns to Yang's haunted temple to seek revenge on the former Airjitzu Master who turned him into a ghost, he accidentally uses a powerful Dark Magic blade that unleashes the spectral forms of Ninjago's greatest villains and traps himself in the temple! While Cole battles for his freedom, the ninja must return their ghostly foes to the Departed Realm before they gain the power to remain in Ninjago forever!

Bad Qualities

  1. The TV special's only point was for two things: One, to make up for the delay of the flopped movie, and two, to get Cole into a human, which was in the worst way possible.
  2. Speaking of the special, it was pretty rushed, only lasting 44 minutes, which is two Pre-S11 episodes, and four Post-S10 episodes.
  3. The rushed nature of the special causes some stupid things to happen, and annoying and unneeded plot holes and errors:
    • Pythor desires to fight Lloyd, which ruins the continuity from Season 4, where they reconciled through Garmadon's sacrifice. It just seems very forced and only done just to give someone for Lloyd to fight.
      • And first off, why would Pythor need a Departed staff if he never died in the first place?
    • Samukai, for some reason, wanted to fight Jay when they barely even interacted in the pilot episodes. If anything, he would want to fight someone like Kai or Wu... He also randomly just declares himself "the fearsome master of the axe" despite never being seen using an axe before, which just shows how rushed this special was.
      • Also, two other Skullkin, Frakjaw and Krazi, serve as Samukai's minions even though the Skullkin became sort of a neutral faction starting with Season 1 and had no reason to antagonize the ninja. It's not even explained if the two survived their encounter with Ronin.
    • Master Chen, while probably one of the least problematic villain returns, for some reason wanted revenge on Nya more than her brother, which makes no sense as Kai practically thwarted his whole plan with The Staff Of Elements in Season 4, and Nya just took the vital spell book page.
    • General Cryptor's defeat was a complete joke. All that happened was that Zane "gave up", then Cryptor, who didn't expect this, stupidly and laughably tripped and hit himself. (We are not kidding, click here)
    • General Kozu's reason for wanting to fight Dareth makes sense, but his scenes with him are just so boring and don't help the plot one bit.
  4. The plot is stupid and filler.
  5. The suits are unoriginal and are a mix of the training and ZX suits.
  6. Yang's motivation is stupid: he was just afraid of being forgotten. Even though Cole said that he would be remembered because he made Airjitzu, he should've known that.
    • It turns out Yang could've been forgotten as since Season 8, Airjitzu hasn't been used once like it NEVER existed.
  7. Cole's final fight with Yang, while it does do well in some areas, is just dull and uninteresting. Also, the way Cole received his RX powers is so dumb. He literally just awkwardly kicked Yang, then said "I feel like... like I can punch through... ANYTHING!"
  8. Speaking of which, the dialogue in this special, especially Cole's, is very uncreative, disappointing, and doesn't seem like something Ninjago would do, which is a shame because Ninjago is well-known for its brilliant dialogue, morals and life lessons.
  9. The overall reason why this special is very bad is because lots of Ninjago fans were excited to see their favorite villains again, but it just ended up being a rushed mess with continuity errors.
  10. False Advertising:
    • On the Official Poster and in an Official LEGO set Krazi is shown holding the Skulkin bone axe but he doesn't use it in the TV Special.
      • Cole is shown holding a Scythe on promotional media but he doesn't use it.
      • Master Chen is shown having gloves and is shown holding his weapon on the Official Poster but gloves and is shown holding his weapons in just under a minute.
  11. Executive meddling: This special was supposed to be a season title "Return of the Villians" but it was turned into a 44 minute TV Special to fill the second half of 2016.

Good Qualities

  1. It's good to see Cole became a human again, despite being done poorly.
  2. The voice acting and animation is still very good.
  3. Despite the suits being unoriginal, they can be detailed and very nostalgic for some.
    • This was the first and only time that Lloyd and Nya's suits resembled to the first outfits of the Ninja.
  4. While every other villain was executed poorly, Morro's characterization stays in line with his redemption and death in Season 5 and isn't just changed for the sake of the story.
  5. The ending is pretty good.
  6. The concept of returning villains coming back to plot revenge on the Ninja is a great idea, but cramming so much material into a one hour special caused it to be rushed. If the special was a season or a two or three-parter, it could've been significantly better.
  7. General Cryptor's defeat, while a complete joke, is considered funny depending on your view.


Day of the Departed has received more mixed-to-negative reception overtime. The main focus on Cole, the interaction between several of the series' old antagonists and some of the fight scenes are commonly high points of praise among fans. The negative response comes from majority of the fight scenes being seen as rushed and underwhelming, the overall development of Cole and Yang feeling rushed and poorly executed, and the inclusion of too many characters and storylines in a single 44-minute special.


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