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Better look at TerminalMontage instead of seeing this atrocity. Also, Go watch Robot Chicken.
Genre: Comedy
Country: Spain

DavuuWart is a YouTuber who does parodies (or also known YouTube Poop) of video games.

Why He Sucks

  1. Flanderization: Despite the fact that video game characters are well-liked, DavuuWart portrayed them down as jerks, psychopaths, racists, xenophobes and stereotyped people, which turns out to very nasty.
  2. Very Unfunny and immature humor and disturbing content.
  3. Terrible and atrocious voice acting.
  4. Its editor is mediocre.
  5. Laughable and bad writing.
  6. Also, it has a very cringeworthy diagram.
  7. His miniatures are ridiculously bad and uncomfortable.
  8. He tries very hard to be hilarious, but fails, resulting in annoying, boring and bizarre.
  9. All of their videos must have an age restriction.
  10. Unlike Robot Chicken, DavuuWart's parodies (which are from video games) are boring, tasteless, and unfunny and its use of rudes.
  11. Speaking of Robot Chicken, it's a shameless clone of Robot Chicken and the DavuuWart parodies are similar. Just go watch Robot Chicken, and not DavuuWart, Okay?
    • Also, it seems like an abysmal mix of MAD and TerminalMontage.
  12. The jokes don't make any sense.
  13. There is a song by Alex Kidd, throughout the song it repeats "I am Alex Kidd" or "I am Alex Kidd" is repeated over and over, similar to The Nutshack.
  14. The infamous character that DavuuWart has made, Kirby is now portrayed as perverted, hypocrite, nasty and mean spirited.
  15. In his video "100,000 Subscribers" it was not impressive, if not extremely boring.
  16. In community, DavuuWart made a joke that was not good, but it is extremely insulting and offensive since it makes fun of the Page, WE ARE NOT JOKING!.
  17. Terrible pacing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sometimes there are funny moments.
  2. Some of its content is terrible, which is a little good.
  3. The voice acting, while mediocre, is surprisingly good, especially Sonic, Rayman, Alex Kidd, and Mario.
  4. The DavuuWart design is decent.
  5. The retro animation looks awesome and has good lip syncing.
  6. The only good video DavuuWart has made is "Back to the future, Sonic", the video is very funny.
    • Even the video of "Ludovico the penguin" isn't so bad.
    • There is an incredibly spectacular VR from [Wolfenstein 3D video where you can move the camera freely.
  7. The 100,000 subscribers, while not impressive, was a very good achievement.
  8. He doesn't always do parodies, if not, he's a streamer and his gameplay videos are really good.




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