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Danger Force

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Danger Force
It all just... kinda happened...
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: March 28, 2020 – present
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Christopher J. Nowak (based on Henry Danger by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen)
Distributed by: ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks
Starring: Cooper Barnes
Michael D. Cohen
Havan Flores
Terrence Little Gardenhigh
Dana Heath
Luca Luhan
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52
Previous show: Henry Danger (2014-2020)

Danger Force is an American comedy television series created by Christopher J. Nowak that premiered on Nickelodeon on March 28, 2020. The series is a spinoff of Henry Danger and includes returning stars Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen. Starring along them are Havan Flores, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, Dana Heath, and Luca Luhan.


Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen return as Captain Man and Schwoz in this spinoff of Henry Danger. The superhero and his inventor recruit four children to attend their Swellview Academy for the Gifted. The crimefighters-in-training try to harness their frequently troublesome and sometimes uncontrollable superpowers as they learn to work as a team. The students include Chapa, a girl who gains the ability of electrokinesis, Mika, who develops the ability of sonic scream, Miles, the brother of Mika who develops the power of teleportation, and Bose, who gains the power of telekinesis.

Why It's Dangerous (And Not In A Good Way)

  1. Just like Sam & Cat, it wasn't really necessary to even exist because Henry Danger ended a week before the show came out (Couldn’t even wait a few months after the original show ended to air it), and Nickelodeon already had the idea to make a spinoff of it. Shows like Planet Sheen only had 4 years to come out after the original ended. So it's either end the show and to make a spin-off a few years later, or just keep the show going and don't make a spinoff at all.
  2. The acting isn't very good and is laughable at times.
  3. Lack of chemistry between the characters.
  4. Similar to the first 3 seasons of Henry Danger, most of the episodes are either stupid, bland, annoying, idiotic, nonsensical, or have horrendous plots that are nothing but pure filler.
  5. A lot of the effects come off as very bland most of the time and feel very forced.
  6. Mika, Chapa and Bose are unlikable characters.
    • Mika is the smart-ass and the butt-monkey of the team. She is also way too sassy and loud.
    • Bose is way too stupid to the point where it isn't funny.
    • Chapa is too aggressive to the point where she can get really annoying; and can be seen as a rip off of Sam Puckett from iCarly.
  7. In the episode "Mime Games", it teaches that French is just English with very ridiculous accents. Not to mention that is making the show insulting to people with French accents or in other words, offending them; much like in the SML video "Bowser Junior Learns Spanish".
  8. Many unoriginal supervillain names; one of them even has the name "Mr. Guilty".
  9. Like the original series the superheroes don't even act like superheroes at all. Sometimes they reveal their secrets to the villains and get distracted by certain animals they see.
  10. Way too many unfunny jokes in the show. Some of the examples is the pants joke in one of the episodes and the goat who says butt, and some jokes are trying hard to be hip and modern, such as Ray's cringey K-Pop gag in "Down Goes Santa Part 2".
  11. "Mika in the Middle" is a very mean-spirited episode.
  12. The episode "Quaran-kini" is a terrible and insensitive parody of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially considering that it was filled to the brim with jokes revolving around toilet humor.
  13. The show seems to try to be hip and cool with kids, a good example being the fact that the show has four episodes featuring "Among Us" in the title, being a poor attempt of making reference to the game of the same name.
  14. Most modern Nickelodeon sitcoms have a little "gimmick". For example, the show Side Hustle's gimmick is of course the app they make to pay off their debt. Danger Force also has a gimmick, which are the members not good at using their superpowers. Sometimes, these gimmicks can lead to tons of opportunities that can make the show better and even involve character development. However, by the first season this gimmick is already ended. As seen in the episode with Henry, Danger Force can fully control their powers when they fight Blackout.
    • This also shows that the writers are lazy enough to change something big just for one scene.
    • The School that Ray teaches, gets completeley abandon by the end of season 1 and the entirety of season 2.
  15. The season 1 finale, "Drive Hard"; was just terrible: Literally Mika suggested to save the Lady hanging from the cliff by having Miles teleport to the cliff with the lady hanging from it. But instead, the other characters want to take a road trip to take so much longer and they don’t know what could’ve happened to the lady, in which she could've fell to her death. But plot twist: when Mika reminds them about the lady hanging from the cliff, they all give her dirty looks and Ray says, “See how everybody got quiet when you reminded us about the lady on the cliff?” And they never even went to save her!
  16. While it is nice that Henry shows up every now and then, there are still no words on if Charlotte, Jasper and Piper are coming back or not.
    • Speaking of which, Piper has not even been mentioned at all yet.
    • On a side note, the fact that Henry keeps returning makes it pointless to end Henry Danger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Danger Force's concept is overall pretty good. 4 superhero kids with their own powers, superhero identities and unique costumes will guaranteed attract a lot of people, even if said premise was poorly executed because of flaws mentioned above.
  2. The costumes are cool to look at for the most part, as they are creative, and there is even merchandise of their costumes.
  3. The logo is amazingly well made..
  4. While most of the jokes are bad, some would fit in the "so bad, they're good" category.
  5. The theme song is absolutely incredible and fun to listen to.
  6. The promotional art looks very nice.
  7. Some good characters:
    • Miles is a likable character, and the one who tends to mostly good deeds, despite his lazy laid back nature at times.
    • Henry is still likable, managing to keep his better self from the previous show’s last 2 seasons.
    • Frankini, a villain from the first show, is also still likable, being one of the good villains in the show.
    • The Toddler, another villain from the first show, is also still an amazing villain.
    • Even though Ray is idiotic again in this series, he is also still as likable as he is in seasons 4-5 of the original series.
    • Schwoz is still as hilarious, wacky, and likeable as he is in the original series.
  8. The episode “Return of the Kid” and their Christmas special "Down Goes Santa" were both very decent. The 2nd season 4-parter also started off with a good mini-arc, especially “A Henry Among Us.”
  9. The fight scenes are pretty good, despite some of the borrowed effects.
  10. Season 2 is somewhat of an improvement over Season 1.

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Danger Force has received very negative reception from critics, audiences and fans of Henry Danger. It has an IMDb rating of a 3.6/10. As with most modern Nickcoms, it is considered to be one of the worst Nickelodeon shows of all-time. In fact, lots of Henry Danger fans were actually really excited for this show, and then when it came out a lot of them were really disappointed.


  • Dan Schneider didn't create this show because of his retirement back in 2018.
  • Jace Norman's character, Henry Hart briefly returns for a guest appearance in "The Return of the Kid".
  • Jace Norman also the producer of the show