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DXP Disney.jpg
A rip-off to the G4 network.
Running Time: 6 hours
Country: United States
Release Date: July 15 - November 2017, June 2018
Network(s): Disney XD

DXP (stylized as D|XP) is a primetime programming block that airs on Disney XD starting from July 15, 2017. This programming block is primarily focused on video game content, news, and gameplay. Around 2018, the block has been mostly abolished and the branding is now only used on airings of Disney XD's gaming shows such as the Overwatch League, Parker Plays, and Player Select.

Why It Sucks

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, a lot of content on the shows contains content that isn't suitable for anyone below teenage audience, yet the block kept saying that these shows were for general audiences. Thus, it led to questionable content airing on Disney XD, a kids channel.
  2. Poor attempts to censor content that wasn't suitable for younger audiences.
  3. Almost all of the original shows have been made on a low budget, with Play with Caution being the most notable of low budget.
  4. Most of the major original shows are good concepts on paper, but are executed very poorly due to censorship or other factors:
    • Some of the video footage on The IGN Show and The Attack are forced to be edited to be appropriate for younger kids, and as a result the hosts might react to something that might've been edited out.
    • Polaris Primetime's acting looks very forced and obnoxious, with majority of the acting consisting of screaming and yelling. At least generic Let's Players don't always scream everything they do.
    • Player Select has editing that is so bad, it warrants a page for itself.
    • Play With Caution has a lot of potential, but ends up being poorly executed with an extremely cheap set and extremely-meager prizes.
  5. Some of the original shows are content that could easily be found on YouTube, with heavy editing to fit for general audiences:
    • The IGN Show simply uses content from IGN's YouTube channel and compiled it for TV.
    • Player Select uses content from other Let's Play YouTubers, heavily modified for TV.
  6. The block's airing of E3 2018 was disastrous, filled to the brim with poorly edited censorship due to poor planning of the event.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This block is responsible for airing e-sport tournaments of games, such as Overwatch League and the Nintendo World Championships, which are far more watchable than most of the original shows.
  2. Despite their flaws, Waypoint Presents and ESL Speedrunners are the only tolerable original shows on the block, due to both being documentaries and having a more lavish budget compared to the other original shows, although both was short-lived, lasting only eight episodes each.
    • Parker Plays is also a passable original show on the block, despite also having flaws.



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