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Crushing It (DC Super Hero Girls)

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Crushing It (DC Super Hero Girls)
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How to turn a team of female superheroes into representations of the scourge of progressive Hollywood politics in 11 minutes.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: July 29, 2019
Writer: G.M. Berrow
Director: Natalie Wetzig
Previous episode: From Bat to Worse
Next episode: Misgiving Tree

Crushing It is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


Diana Prince is absolutely crushing it in every single aspect of life as a student at Metropolis High until someone shows up who threatens to throw her off her game for good.

Why It Crushes

  1. To start, many of the characters have gotten flanderized in this episode much like the other bad episodes of the series that followed;
    • The Super Hero Girls (aside from Diana) are very hypocritically unlikable and sexist as they tried to get Diana to forget about Steve instead of helping her talk to him.
      • Jessica said that she doesn't believe in violence in Sweet Justice, yet this episode, along with Breaking News and Retreat showed her violent side as if she showed her true colors as a hypocritical violent hippie girl.
      • Karen doesn't like Diana Prince falling in love with Steve and yet she likes Just Before Dusk which involves romance.
      • Not to mention is that the five girls (especially Kara, Zee and Barbara) all hated Steve Trevor just because he’s a man who fall in love with Diana, yet they liked some boys like Da Invisa-Bros, Commander James Gordon, Zee’s father, and Bruce Wayne, making them hypocritically sexist.
    • Steve Trevor is shown to be a Gary Stu compared to his comic book counterpart since nothing bad happens to him often as well as being served as a plot device to get the plot going, all of it doesn’t help the fact is that he returned in DC Super Hero Boys with barely any purpose to appear other than falling in love with Diana, making him a filler and pointless character.
    • Oliver Queen has no reason to be in this episode other than filler.
  2. The infamous scene with Kara, Zee, Jessica, and Karen tried to kill Steve Trevor who is innocent and has done nothing wrong, only for Barbara to hack into the military academy for Steve to join using her computer.
  3. Plot Hole: How did the stage fall apart when Diana was obsessed with Steve even though it doesn't have any flaws?
  4. Many of the running gags tried hard to be funny to the point where they come off as sexist or annoying.
    • Kara and Barbara saying that Steve is Diana’s kryptonite.
    • Diana Prince's running gag of being obsessed with Steve Trevor with a generic love pop song with poor lyrics playing way too much that her week ended up in a disaster such as the science fair after pouring too much chemicals in her and Karen's protect.
  5. The episode is generally uncomfortable or offensive to men and women as males being meatheads and females are attractive and intelligent which is sexist since not all of them are equally Mary Sues/Gary Stus as there are so many male and female characters were either well written or are sometimes GS/MS such as Kid and Jo from Kid Cosmic or Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible (2002 series).
  6. G.M. Berrow did a terrible job on how the episode is handled as it shows the complete opposite toward the show's strong messages to females much like Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy.
  7. Pointless Ending: Diana still has a picture of Steve with horror music as it zooms up.
  8. Due to all these reasons, Crushing It has become one of the worst and most hated episodes in the history of DC Super Hero Girls (It even spawned other bad episodes of the series such as Breaking News, Retreat, Rage Cat, Scrambled Eggs, Drama Queen, and Tween Titans).
  9. Laughable dialogue due to the bad writing such as We're taking you out and getting your mind off of Mr. More-beautiful-than-Adonis.
  10. It's basically a filler episode with an extremely dull plot, and not much happens compared to most episodes which is somewhat canon for the rest of the series overall.
  11. The week time cards with horror music playing fell out of place for a romance-themed episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good animation and voice acting as usual.
  2. Diana is very likable in this episode, even Barbara (though unlikable) is the only member who didn't try to kill Steve as she hacked into the militarily.
  3. The first minutes until Steve Trevor's appearance was alright.
  4. The two part episode, DC Super Hero Boys, is this episode done right as it send out the rightful messages about gender equally, which was ignored by Scrambled Eggs which ironically the former two part episode and the latter were written by the same writer.


Despite receiving a 7.7/10 on IMDb, the episode received overwhelmingly negative reviews to the point of being considered one of (if not) the worst DC Super Hero Girls episodes due to the Super Hero Girls being very out of character and Steve Trevor's Gary Stu status.

Ryanimation reviewed this episode in his two-part review on the show before many of his videos became private.


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