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Crash Canyon

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Crash Canyon
Crash canyon promo.jpg
More like "Crap" Canyon. Am I right?
Genre: Adult animation


Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: September 18, 2011 - March 3, 2013
Network(s): Teletoon
Created by: Jamie LeClaire, Kyle MacDougall, & Phil Lafrance
Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment
Starring: Patrick McKenna
Bryn McAuley
Jennifer Irwin
Joanne Vannicola
Dwanye Hill
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

Crash Canyon is a Canadian animated adult sitcom that aired on Teletoon at Night in 2011 and the show got canceled in 2013.


The Wendells are a family who don't spend much time together. At least they didn't until they drove off a cliff and landed at the bottom of a canyon, Crash Canyon, and are forced to learn to put up with one another and build a new life in their new home. In Crash Canyon, they meet an eclectic group of neighbours who ended up there the same way that the Wendells did. Among the people they encounter are an astronaut and his chimp companion, a family of wealthy jerks, a has-been British punk rocker, a ventriloquist and his abusive dummy, and a woman with a bear for a servant.

Why It Crashed Indeed

  1. This here is yet another cheap rip-off of Family Guy.
  2. The animation is pretty bad. It doesn’t help that it’s in flash animation as it
  3. Another thing about the animation, the art style looks very similar to Family Guy because every character designs looks like it came out of Family Guy. They even have a character that looks like Stan from American Dad.
    • There’s this one family who looks like The Clevelands.
  4. Almost every character in this show are one dimensional, unlikable, mean-spirited, cliched or even ripoffs of characters from other shows.
    • Shelia is just a hot headed wife and she’s mentally abusive and hurt animals as she threatens to choke a gypsy in one episode and got so mad she bites a German Shepherd. She constantly complaining about Norm and his cousin Vernon.
    • Roxy is the WORST of them all, as she is very narcissistic, self-centered, mean-spirited, rude, and despicable and have attitude problems as she’s pretty rude to her family members and she only cares about herself and loves being the center of attention, making her seem like a egotist. She doesn’t love her family and is constantly disrespectful to them and she hates living on a canyon.
    • Jake is very greedy as he scams people, gambles with them, and causes trouble just for money. He is also rebellious and a troublemaker, just because he schemes to make money by scamming, gambling and fraud.
    • Vernon is incredibly brain-dead and stupid like Peter Griffin from Family Guy.
    • The show doesn’t have character development as the characters keep getting worse as the show goes on.
  5. As for the other characters, they are mean-spirited and uninteresting.
  6. The theme song is terrible as it’s sound very distorted and janky.
  7. The show tries too hard to be like Family Guy, but it fails. How come Fox didn’t sue Teletoon for making ripoffs like Fugget About It and this show.
  8. The show lacks expressions and the characters moves in robotic movement because it’s made in Abode Flash making it look like a web cartoon than an actual show on TV.
  9. The jokes can really unfunny because they have cutaway jokes like Family Guy, especially in the modern seasons.
    • Also, the jokes can be dark and horrifying such as Norm literally getting his spleen injured on a ice cream shop sign. It actually happens.
    • The gypsy joke can come off as offensive and cruel to a actual gypsy as Shelia mentions she wants to basically harm a gypsy by choking it. The show thinks it’s funny but it’s actually making fun of gypsies and the country of North India & Europe.
    • There's also an extremely pathetic cutaway gag that has Norm accidentally killing a whale at an aquarium, because the camera's flash caused it to go belly-up. To make it worse, Norm ends up getting arrested for it.
    • One episode implies rape as a joke as two brothers were kissing each other on the ground.
    • Speaking of that, there's ACTUAL RAPE in the form of a scene in which a bear anally plows Bobby Joe in a bear costume to the point where he ACTUALLY DIES FROM IT!!!!
    • They made a disrespectful death joke about Roxy falling and almost dying, while Jake only cares about making money than his own sister.
  10. Norm is portrayed as a punching bag mainly due to everyone around him being complete jerks.
  11. The whole point in almost every single character is to complain and be jerks to each other.
  12. This show has Canadian jokes which are not funny in the slightest because a Canadian moose shows up out of nowhere and all the characters are Canadian stereotypes, Shockingly enough the Canadian jokes are references.
  13. The cutaway gags last 40 seconds or even longer. While Family Guy had some of the longest cutaway gags, but they usually last 10 seconds.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Norm is the only likable character in this show as he’s pretty smart and is a optimist.
  2. The episodes can be good.
  3. There are some incredibly heartwarming and emotional moments, like how Norm and Shelia met each other at the high school prom, and Bobby Joe's tragic story about why his life literally went down the toilet.
  4. There are a few moments where this show is funny.
  5. The voice actors sound like they are doing a good job with their characters.
  6. The concept of the show sounds pretty good and has potential, but it was poorly executed.


Crash Canyon received mixed to negative reception from fans and critics alike, it holds a 4.2/10 rating on IMDB.




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