Cover Up (The Powerpuff Girls (original))

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Cover Up (The Powerpuff Girls (original))
Cover Up.png
So, Bubbles is allowed to keep Octi, but Buttercup can't keep her blanket? Yeah, that makes sense.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 11b
Air Date: May 26, 2000
Writer: Amy Keating Rogers
John McIntyre
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken
Previous episode: Twisted Sister
Next episode: Speed Demon

"Cover Up" is an episode of The Powerpuff Girls from season two.


Buttercup believes her lucky blanket gives her the strength to be a good fighter, but her sisters quickly get on her case.

Bad Qualities

  1. This episode is pretty ridiculous in the fact that a blanket can make you strong, which is pretty much false.
  2. Some of the characters have some unlikable things in them:
    • Buttercup is the most noticeable, as she’s late for many of the fights because of her hugging her blanket, and when her blanket got lost, she tore through the house to find it, living it a mess, she did it again when she found out Blossom gave her a fake blanket.
    • Blossom and Bubbles, only a small amount, but for most of the fights, they let Buttercup do the fighting, showing some laziness.
    • Furthermore, it's hypocritical of the characters to take away Buttercup's blanket, which is an emotional crutch for her, despite the fact that Bubbles has Octi as an emotional crutch, and neither the Professor nor Blossom took it away from her.
  3. The episode moments where the girls try to get Buttercup to move along to the fight is mainly boring, and it’s chaotic when Buttercup lost her blanket.
  4. This episode mainly focuses on Buttercup when it comes to fight, what about Blossom and Bubbles? Aren’t they strong when they all work together?
  5. While it’s super adorable that Buttercup has a blanket, it’s also pretty crazy that she needs to cuddle with it in order to fight.
  6. Buttercup getting beat up by a villain is pretty painful to watch.
  7. The Professor and the narrator in the ending both have a ridiculous cuddle with Buttercup’s blanket (how did the narrator get Buttercup’s blanket?), to think that they are a good scientist and narrator, respectively.

Good Qualities

  1. The villain fights where Buttercup beats them all up are still fun to watch.
  2. Blossom and Bubbles have some likability in them, as they try to help Buttercup out when she lost her blanket, and Blossom got a fake blanket so that Buttercup could fight, and the faces they make at Buttercup after she’s reunited with her blanket is priceless.
  3. Buttercup has some likability too, as having a green baby blanket is one of the most memorable things about her, and also, she did cry for the first time in this episode, showing that even tough girls can cry sometimes.
  4. There are some funny moments in the episode, such as some of Buttercup’s lines, "Where’s my blanket!?", "NO! I NEED MY BLANKET!", and "Oh, blanket! I love you, I love you, I love you, I-".
  5. Buttercup does give her blanket to the Professor, showing a good moral, being you sometimes have to let go of something special, so you can move on.
  6. Buttercup’s blanket makes a later appearance in the Season 5 episode, "The City of Clipsville".


  • Buttercup and Blankie are slightly resemblances of Linus and his blanket from Peanuts.
  • The scene where Buttercup is weakened and says "No!" became a popular Internet meme.



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This episode is why I hate Professor Utonium, more like, Professor Fucktonium.

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