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Counting the Beat (The Eggs)

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Counting the Beat
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The worst episode to an already-bad show.
Series: The Eggs
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 26
Writer: Philip Dalkin
Previous episode: Tune Up
Next episode: Double Yolkers

Counting the Beat is the 26th episode of The Eggs.


While collecting new music, a meteor hits the spaceship, making Min unable to work. The worst part is that the spaceship is about to go towards the sun. Scramble freaks out and goes into an endless uncontrollable phase of farting. Benedict gets an idea by using Scramble's gas to blast the spaceship out of the sun.

Why It Can't Do What It's Good At

  1. The plot is undoubtedly disgusting, mentioning Scramble's uncontrollable farting.
  2. This episode has large amounts of gross-out humour, notably Scramble's farting and other stuff like Scramble farting in Benedict and Sunnyside's face. In fact, it takes up about one third of the episode.
  3. The idea of using Scramble's gas to get out of the sun is absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.
  4. This infamous scene. Enough said.
  5. False information: Benedict said that he'll never complain about Scramble's farts ever again though literally after this episode, he does. Also, Scramble said he'll learn not to fart when he's nervous, but in later episodes, he doesn't.
  6. This episode had two more terrible episodes after this called Double Yolkers and Cinderbot (in the second half of the series).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Only the beginning and ending were good.
  2. The song at the end is pretty catchy.
  3. At least Sunnyside apologised to Scramble and said that he insulted him to motivate him.


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