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Cosplay, Salvemos al Mundo (La Rosa de Guadalupe)

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Cosplay, Salvemos al Mundo (La Rosa de Guadalupe)
instead of saving the world they make the world worse.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 69
Air Date: August 3, 2011
Writer: Carlos Mercado Orduña
Director: Karina Duprez
Previous episode: La Niña Sicario
Next episode: Amar a Mi Propia Hermana

Cosplay, Salvemos al Mundo (English: Cosplay, Let's Save The World) is an episode from the Mexican soap opera La Rosa de Guadalupe.


Namiko Moon and Hiroshi-San dress up as anime characters and cause a lot of trouble at high school.

Why It Can't Save The World

  1. Bad representation of Otakus, with the show portraying them as being dressed as their favorite character all day.
  2. Germán tries to sexually harass Perla or possibly even rape her, but all he gets is just being banned from school for only three days. Suspended for three days for sexual harassment? The principal should've expelled Germán instead.
  3. Perla/Namiko Moon is a very unlikable character. Granted, she does get constantly bullied at school, but it's hard to do so if she acts like if she were the real Namiko Moon, speaks nonsensical stuff about saving the Earth and wears her cosplay all the freaking' time!!! Are we are meant to root for her?
  4. The villains are extremely annoying.
  5. The mother of Perla/Namiko dresses as an anime character to give a lesson to the bullies, which is totally ridiculous for a woman of her age.
  6. The scenes with the mother and the grandma are lame.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least it doesn't say that all anime is satanic.
  2. The message of not bully others for their interests is a good one.



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