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Copy Cat (The Eggs)

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Copy Cat
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"Nice average episode, c-can we uh.. copy it?" "NO!"
Series: The Eggs
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 45
Writer: Philip Dalkin
Previous episode: Lost in Space
Next episode: Country Music Blues

Copy Cat is the 45th episode of The Eggs.


While meeting the Copy Cats, The Eggs decides to go back home, but leaving Yolky alone. One of the copy cats turn into a Yolky imposter, and the crew takes him along, and a bunch of hijinks ensue from there!

Bad Qualities

  1. The Copy Cats suck a lot in this episode for these reasons:
    • Their designs are bizarre and uncanny.
    • They're also unlikable as well, as one becomes Yolky and joins the spaceship, while the real Yolky is forced to stay in the Copy Cats' place. The fact that they also copy everything (even outside of their place) doesn't help either. They also don't get punished for their actions.
      • One of them (who escaped from the Copy Cats' place) even lock Sunnyside and Scramble in an unknown room (in their own spaceship) without any type of reason (presumably because he doesn't want to be locked).
    • They also cause a lot of mayhem and confusion for the main characters, as they can turn into the same characters as them. They abuse this power a lot to confuse the Eggs. For example, when the Yolky imposter reveals herself to be a copy cat, the crew go on a wild goose chase to get rid of it, and the copy cat turns to any of the main crew to confuse them.
  2. Plotholes.
    • If Benedict thought that the imposter wasn't Yolky, how did he know that before it revealed itself?
    • How can the copy cats copy skateboard from someplace called Earth?
  3. This episode uses a lot of filler, as for example, there's a chase scene where the Eggs are looking for the copy cat, and it goes on for too long.
  4. The scene where Yolky is eating breakfast which has scrambled eggs in it. That's cannibalism, right? The faces that the crew have after Yolky ran pretty much says for itself.
    • The previous episode before this has Yolky doing the same thing just like Scramble.
  5. One scene where a copy cat eats with his mouth full, spitting it to Scramble, which is completely disgusting.
  6. Weird and unnecessary ending for this episode. When the copy cats said they want to a rope, the crew screams out "NO!" and that was it. Though it was kind of funny, it also was pretty unnecessary.
  7. Though the song at the end is good, there are some annoying sound effects that played, especially the beginning.
    • When Benedict is singing the song at the beginning, Sunnyside, Scramble and Yolky didn't sing along. They just blinking their eyes doing nothing.

Good Qualities

  1. The episode starts pretty fine until the copy cat becomes Yolky.
  2. Tons of hilarious quotes like "Nice rope, c-can we uh.. copy it?" "NO!" and "That's not Yolky!" "It's a copy cat! GRAB HIM!"
  3. The song at the end is pretty good and catchy to hear.
  4. Scramble did have a good trick for Benedict (copy cat), as they sing "a little song" cause the Benedict imposter reveals himself to be a copy cat.
  5. Benedict also has a good trick as well for Sunnyside (copy cat), by giving her a fish bone. She grabs and ends up in the rubbish pile. Revealing herself to be a copy cat, Benedict locks up the rubbish room, giving the copy cat his comeuppance.
  6. The copy cats did apologise for what they did, and they didn't appear in any episode after this one.



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