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Combo Panda

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Combo Panda
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Combo Panda
Combo channel.jpg
Genre: Gaming
Release Date: August 2, 2017
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Ryan's World
Episodes: 888

Combo Panda is a web series. It is a spin-off of Ryan's World. The channel stars a young anthropomorphic panda named Combo who creates let's play videos.

Why It Is Unbearable

  1. Combo Panda, the titular character of the channel is an unlikable jerk who cries over the slightest things, making him an uncomfortable fit for his "personality". His voice is also very annoying and obnoxious.
  2. The show tries way too hard to be hip and cool, even for its demographic.
    1. The newer webisodes have intros that feel similar to that of MrBeast
    2. There is literally a webisode titled "They Think I'm Sus!"[1]
  3. Their thumbnails sometimes fetishize Combo like depicting him as fat or giant
  4. The only game that Combo Panda plays most of the time is Roblox, and while depending on your view, the game may not be that bad, he should play other games more frequently.
    • The series can even serve as an advertisement for said game.
  5. The videos used to get hundreds-of-thousands, if not millions of views each, but the newer gameplays get only get less than 100,000 views.
  6. Some of the webisodes are just advertisements for Ryan's World products and media, which are not always related to Combo Panda and are just filler.
    • Speaking of which, some of the webisodes just focus on Combo Panda's school life, and it also seems like filler.
  7. Their short comedy sketches are bad, unfunny and extremely generic, an the sad thing is that some of the older sketches used to be funny and exciting, but are now just filler.
  8. They use stock music to mute the game-play audio from Combo's videos, which may be due to copyright, but aren't gaming videos some unofficial form of fair use?
  9. Lazy voice acting, especially from Combo himself.
  10. Several of the webisodes contain clickbait such as "The Ultimate Sonic Simulator in Roblox!" where it is just a compilation of older gameplay videos of other Sonic games, not Roblox.[2]
  11. It uses the same cheap Adobe Character Animator software like the other Ryan's World spin-offs to animate the characters.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog's animation in one webisode is even worse, as when he talks, his animation model is moved up and down. His voice also sounds nothing like his official counterpart.[3]
  12. The frame-rate for the webisodes are inconsistent, as some look a bit choppy and some are fluid.
  13. Their video titles have abysmal grammar and the creators don't even bother to use apostrophes in their titles.
    • They also tend to use more than one exclamation mark in the end of their video titles, which is annoying, repetitive, and rather unprofessional.
  14. The show overall is a shallow and cynical cash grab aimed at promoting the Ryan's World brand poorly.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the older webisodes can be considered better than the newer ones, as there are less attempts to be hip and cool, and Combo's voice is slightly lower-pitched and less obnoxious.
  2. Combo Panda's character design is cute and cool.
  3. His character model was updated in 2019, giving his design thinner outlines, and a greater variety of facial expressions that are fun to look at.


  • Unlike most gaming channels, Combo Panda himself is animated.
  • This channel has been said to be more of a series for all ages whereas Ryan's World and other spin-offs of it are aimed at children under six years old.



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