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Club Mario

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Do the hella Gnarlio, take one slang and then again...

Club Mario is the title for the live-action segments that replaced the original live-action segments with Mario and Luigi during their days as plumbers in Brooklyn before they went to the Mushroom Kingdom in syndication runs of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! in 1990.


The new segments are apparently about two big Super Mario Bros. fans who hang out in their tree house and host skits before the episode is shown. After the skit is over, they give out a brief summary of the episode in question and the segment ends as it shows the episode.

Why It Deserves a Club Over

  1. Abysmal grasp of the original source material: It has little to do with both the Super Mario Bros. video game and cartoon series, except for stock footage in the intro and a brief summary of the episode in question. In fact, if you edit out the intro and all the references to the cartoon, these segments can be used for anything!
  2. The hosts were irritating and constantly shouted out all sorts of 90s slang.
  3. The new skits weren't really interesting, especially compared to the live-action Mario and Luigi segments before it.
  4. The Marios' apartment is replaced with a much smaller set that also tries to be contemporary.
  5. One segment, Satellite Surfing, is just random live-action clips from other segments shown for two or three seconds at a time.


These segments were poorly received amongst average viewers. In fact, the replacement segments were so horribly received, that it was rumored that DiC Entertainment ordered every single copy of these new segments to be destroyed, as only a handful of segments are on the internet with no plans of the rest ever being released on their own; this was eventually debunked when some streaming services put up the Club Mario version of "The Unzappables" instead of the original.