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Clip Clip Hooray (Saturday Morning Minions episode)

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Clip Clip Hooray
SMM Clip Clip Hooray Screenshot.jpeg
Seriously Illumination, just why would you end this series with this abomination??
Series: Saturday Morning Minions
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 40 (final)
Air Date: March 5, 2022
Previous episode: Banana Boat

Clip Clip Hooray is the fortieth and final episode of the online web series, Saturday Morning Minions. It was released on YouTube and social media on March 5, 2022.


While the Minions are gardening, a Minion accidentally clips off another's overalls, then clips off everyone else's overalls as well.

Why It Should Get Its Pants Clipped

  1. This episode is very ridiculous, especially since it has gross-out humor. What’s worse is that this is the series finale of the Saturday Morning Minions series, and this episode ends the entire series on a huge sour note.
    • To be fair, this episode is just a random episode and the series is just random episodes, but still, this episode is not a good ending to the series.
  2. Ridiculous plot: The Minions are at their worst in this episode, After one Minion accidentally clips the other Minion’s overalls, revealing them in their underwear. And instead of apologizing to them, they laugh at them, which then gets their overalls clipped off back, which they had coming. Then it becomes a game when a bunch of other Minions laugh at them, which they get their overalls clipped off too.
  3. Disgusting ending: After all the Minions got their overalls clipped off, the one Minion does a twirl with the clippers then accidentally clips off its underwear. Then all the minions laugh at them. Then the minion gets an idea and takes the game too far goes to clip off their underwear as well.
  4. The Minions most likely did or didn’t get in trouble for this behavior, if they didn’t, then it would make them Karma Houdinis.
  5. Confusing animation logic: How can your entire overalls be cut off by just a snip of a strap on the overall?
  6. Some of the Minions were innocent when they didn’t do anything yet their overalls get clipped off as well.
  7. As some would point out, this episode feels like an Elsagate cartoon made by Illumination itself.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. The minions didn’t want their overalls to get cut off, as they tried to run away.


  1. As mentioned above, this episode is the final episode of the Saturday Morning Minions short series.
  2. The title “clip clip hooray” is a pun to the common phrase “hip hip hooray”.
  3. Hence the screenshot of the episode above, the third Minion is shown to be wearing ladies’ underwear, which references the scene in the Minions movie, where Stuart the minion, takes off his overalls and wears ladies’ underwater to get in the hot tub.


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