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Chucklesome Trucks (Thomas & Friends)

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Chucklesome Trucks is third episode of the 23rd season of Thomas & Friends

Chucklesome Trucks (Thomas & Friends)
Chucklesome Trucks.png
Just because you did better than Thomas, James, and Percy at delivering trucks doesn't mean they deserve to be punished.
Series: Thomas & Friends
Part of Season: 23
Episode Number: 3
Air Date: July 6th 2019 (US) September 4th 2019 (UK)
Writer: Davey Moore
Previous episode: Crowning Around
Next episode: The Other Big Engine


Rebecca surprises everyone when she is told to pull a train of troublesome trucks and manages to deliver them without any problems.

Bad Qualities

  1. For starters this episode is just a generic episode revolving around Rebecca delivering trucks without anything going wrong at the expense of Thomas, Percy and James getting into trouble as if to say Rebecca is better than they are not to mention these accidents could've easily been avoided.
  2. It uses the 3 strikes formula and in the 2nd and 3rd strike there's two crashes like how some episodes in Seasons 12-16 have a 3 strike crash. Thomas misses his signal, James crashes into tar wagons AGAIN and Percy plunges into a mud puddle and they even made Percy and James both say "Not again".
  3. Just like "Middle Engine" Sir Topham Hatt blames Percy and James for crashing and being late which is unfair to them since it was an accident.
  4. Rebecca in this episode could be considered a "Mary Sue" because absolutely nothing goes wrong for her when pulling the trucks and delivers them on time without any delays despite the fact that this is her first time pulling Troublesome Trucks it would've been so much better if Rebecca actually went through a learning curve like Thomas, Percy and James.
  5. Rebecca is completely oblivious to what the trucks are trying to do and it's more irritating than funny and she shows no concern for Thomas, Percy and James when they get into trouble and doesn't even care that they got into accidents she doesn't even try to warn James and Percy to prevent their accidents nor does she stop and go back to see if they are okay.
  6. The flashbacks sequences featuring CGI renditions of Classic Series episodes such as "Thomas and the Trucks" (Which is just reused footage from "The Adventure Begins") "Dirty Objects" and "Percy Takes The Plunge" were only inserted to make older Thomas fans happy without actually making the episode itself good while the flashbacks are good it just makes you wish you were watching those episodes instead.
  7. When Rebecca sings along with the trucks it sounds grating because of how high pitched her voice goes.
  8. When Rebecca "Yay me!" it is lazily reused from "What Rebecca Does" not to mention it's a really cringe-worthy phrase.
  9. When Rebecca passes by Thomas, there is no reason for Thomas to stop since Rebecca wasn't even on the same line as he was making it completely pointless.

Good Qualities

  1. As stated above, the flashbacks were still good.
  2. Thomas, Percy, James, Emily and the Troublesome Trucks are likeable.
  3. Even though Rebecca singing with the trucks is annoying, the trucks' song is still decent.
  4. The fantasy sequence isn't too bad, and it's admittedly funny watching Rebecca crash in the sequence. It's one of the better fantasy sequences of the BWBA era as it shows what happens when an engine is not careful with its train of trucks.
  5. Rebecca at least didn't make Percy and James crash on purpose.
  6. Even though it uses the 3 strikes formula the characters at least don't speak purely in rhyming and alliteration like they did in Seasons 12-16.


This episode was met with mixed reviews from TTTE fans. Some praise this episode for having the flashbacks from the classic series, while others criticized it for the plot of the episode. The episode itself received a 3.2/10 on IMDb. Some fans can argue that it is one of the least bad episode of the BWBA era.


According to Ian McCue this episode was supposed to air in Season 21 but was pushed to Season 23 due to reworking the format for the show.


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